Sunday, July 15, 2012

Into the Woods

 Lisa Hermanson and I went wandering in the woods behind the house she grew up in and which our family bought from hers. A sort of sentimental journey in what is now the Betty Allen Nature Preserve.

Moss, ivy, poison ivy, jewel weed, grass, sticker bush, grass 


extreme vines


woodpecker real estate, PI

path, roots

Photo by Lisa of me in the stream that ran through our property. The low bushes on the right are spice  bushes whose leaves smell delicious.

The pond is sort of scummy and muddy

and the swan really didn't want us there.


  1. oh
    dear yes!

    Poison Ivy Alert
    in photo#6!!!!!!!


    other than that...

    what a lovely place
    to walk & talk!

    {{ the photo of the roots
    makes me swoon
    with happiness
    for some reason... }}

  2. That swan looks like it's on attack mode!

  3. Visual delight Elizabeth and if one breathes deeply you can smell the fresh and earthy aromas. Lovely.

  4. Looks like you made it to Dexter's neighborhood- less the swans and poison ivy...Your photos are so soothing- like the Kentish countryside and like Dexter's walk.

  5. Those green leaves are very refreshing views to contemplate from hot and humid NYC.

    Thank you so much Elizabeth. I do hope that my buddy Buster did not come in contact with any poison ivy!

    Hoping to see you all soon. xo

  6. the swan appears to be making a straight line at you
    great shot
    the path looks beautiful

  7. You've covered it thoroughly, Elizabeth, a delight to relive the day.

  8. Swans hate intruders don't they. An interesting walk Elizabeth.


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