Saturday, March 15, 2008

Frying Pan Lightship

The hull of the boat in the waters of the Hudson River.

Such wonderful textures.

And so many chairs.............

Looking south towards New Jersey from Chelsea where "The Frying Pan" - an old 'light boat' is moored.

This boat was once sunk off the coast of Connecticut and all the decay and rust and corrosion lend it an air of melancholy.

We talked with John Crevvi who owns it and were welcomed aboard on an overcast Friday afternoon.
There was a type writer and a radio - all sorts of strange things.

My friends Lori and Rich wandered around deep in the bowels of the boat.
I preferred to stay near the surface.

Altogether a very strange place.
Very different from all the new ,shiny, polished looking things in Chelsea nowadays.


  1. Love your photos. Love the different textures.


  2. Can you imagine if we still had to write everything on an old fashioned typewriter? I love word processing. I hope all is well.


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