Saturday, January 31, 2015

Winter Continues Unabated...

So where did we leave off in this sad saga of unending cold?
Ah yes, with the children having fun.
So... the snow is now messy and clumpy...

Pat, the crossing guard - the one with the dog treats - is all bundled up. 

They are filming at the Chelsea Square Diner - the one I'm standing outside in the post above. The cross walks are somewhat shoveled.

The 'wolf moon' visible at 2:15 in the afternoon - does that portend something?

Buster likes the snow.

It's something to eat  - and he likes eating.

This morning it is 13 degrees F with a windchill of who knows what.

Vapor billows from the drains in scenic fashion.

It's better to walk home briskly

to contemplate the fruit some more

and dream of warm days ahead.

PS. 4 -8 inches of snow predicted for tomorrow night!


  1. I love a nice clementine when it is bitter cold outside; reminds me of summer. Stay warm UBob, Wix & Buster!

  2. Well we have not had snow here like you Elizabeth (North has of course) but it is cold - frosty and icy when it is not raining. Like your photos, the angles and Buster enjoying the snow.

  3. We have not had a single flake of snow this winter. Not one! unusual..however the rain and the dark have been unbearable. intense going within...too much contemplation of this and that. I am pretty sure every one agrees that winter is not a fave, except for Buster.

  4. It has been a long while since I've visited, but I was quickly reminded why I always found your world so enchanting. Oh to stop by shops & eateries with wonderful names like Tea & Sympathy, Dean & DeLucca, Le Granne, & my favorite, Bergamot. Each conjures up an image of unique, something not as available in rural areas. It's good to see you are well & still blogging! I don't think I'll wait so long for my next visit. Stay warm & cozy!

  5. Someone must have post you towards the North Pole, Elizabeth! ;-)
    Your pictures are as expressive and lovely as always.
    Stay safe and keep warm and the good spirits up,

  6. I think I would like the snow more if I had Buster's fur coat.

  7. Elizabeth, you and Buster were brave to venture outside yesterday. Thank you for those fabulous photographs that do tell the chilly tale. I was chicken and stayed indoors all Saturday...even had to pull on a pullover and find some wool socks to stay warm indoors. The sound of the wind was very dramatic, wasn't it?

    Off to work today, so I am trying on various layering combinations. Wonder what tonight's overnight snow will bring us?


  8. Great photos. The one of the man crossing in front of the back-lit steam is a winner, but the fruit still life is a very nice one as well. I always love seeing what Buster is up to--like his fluffy winter coat. Thanks.

  9. Congratulations on the new grand-daughter. What is she to be called?

  10. finally coming in March wonder if the sun will be out by snowed in London this morning!!

  11. It looks COLD in the city ! Even out on the island, the traditional Ukrainian babushka did the trick for keeping the ears warm when nothing else would !


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