Friday, January 16, 2015

Penn Station and People Rushing About

There is no shortage of people in New York...

and most of them are rushing about.

I was on Penn Station yesterday waiting for a train to Long Island. I wanted to take portraits of people, but, as usual, though others might think I was some sort of nut.

I rather hesitate to approach people with guns.

So, instead I started looking for patterns, and stayed in the same place and let people walk into the camera frame - like in Grand Budapest Hotel.

It was fun.


Robert does somewhat of the same thing in this painting of people in slightly warmer weather - all together - all separate.

I finally managed to have a conversation with a real person even though I didn't want any pizza. Sayed is from Egypt, which, according to him, is a much better country than Morocco...


  1. Those guys with guns are very alarming! High alert I guess. I love the patterns and blurs.

    I finished 'Ruth and Gisela' last week and absolutely loved it. I really felt like I could hear their voices. Thanks so much and, if by any chance anyone is reading this comment, it comes VERY highly recommended!

    1. Dear Em,
      More guns than on Dartmoor I imagine. I have lived in the US for 35 years, and despite the proliferation of guns, have never seen one fired. Thank heavens! So glad you enjoyed R&G. As close to the truth as I could make it. Ruth is my mother Betty Wix - all of whose memories and stories I used - like the ghastly woman who was billeted on her! Gisela I had to create from research and my feelings about what my flesh and blood mother might have felt. Always terribly touched when their stories resonate. Thank you.

  2. I loved the only time I was at Penn Station. Took many many photos.
    I thought of Roberts painting when I saw these photo. Then you posted one of his paintings.
    I guess because of the intolerant we will be seeing more guns. So very sad.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Dear Parsnip
      always find guns rather alarming but have never seen one fired (see above). First time I saw machine guns at an airport (Milan 1973) I was horrified. The Red Brigade in those days....will it ever change?

    2. I was at the airport in Rome, right after the PLO shot up the airport and killed 16 and injured about 100 people. They targeted El Al and Trans World. Just Horrible
      I walked in to an empty airport with just a few people waiting at the different gates. But there were lots of armed Italian soldiers with Uzis standing everywhere. We had to show our tickets and then were sent behind the wall to do the real check in. No one was allowed to stand in any groups.
      Intolerance is terrible.

  3. Wow! Guns and ammo. Looks like somewhere other than U.S.A. Love the painting of together yet alone.

  4. Elizabeth, I can hear the wind howling away beyond my windows as I type, but have to say that today was actually a rather mild January day. Good to be out and about, without donning too many layers.

    I very much like your Penn Station photographs and Robert's paintings. Yes, each time I pass through the Times Sq. subway station below upstairs where all the bright lights are, I am amszed by just how many folks are to-ing and fro-ing. The police officers that I see in the Times Sq subway station don't seem as heavily armed as those over at Penn Station. Yes, they all have guns, but the 42nd St officers have hand guns.

    Not sure if this reassures me or not.

    Let me return to thinking about photography, writing and painting. xo

  5. Your photos always give me such a feel of NY Elizabeth - and I love Robert's picture.

  6. When we visited Ireland a few years back, I saw police on the street with large guns for the first time ever. I remember thinking how horrible it was that they have to live like that. Now it's come to our country. Our neighborhoods. So difficult to believe. This new "normal" is not the "normal" I ever envisioned. Especially for my children. Thank you for sharing the wonderful street photos. I love that the pizza guy let you photograph him. I guess he has nothing to hide!! LOL!! Thank you for the wonderful words you left on my blog regarding the passing of my son's friend. They are truly appreciated. xoxo

    ~ Wendy

  7. Your photos bring such a rush of city life Elizabeth. You remind me how I love the energy of a city and also of how much I need not to live there all the time!

  8. Train stations - same the world over.


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