Sunday, March 17, 2013

In Search of Yellow

The weather has been really dreary this week.

Yesterday it snowed (see above) but the flakes didn't stick.

So herewith a week's worth of yellow.....

Tulips at Union Square 

Mini daffodils as above.

A classic cab on Spring Street...

and construction workers on the same. (I said I was a tourist!)

Then to the English shop

 on Hudson Street where there were pies....

and  a cool window display. ( I'd never realized how often  yellow is used in packaging.)

ps. Am still posting Morocco pictures here and here.....


  1. A great collection of photos, to cheer up the grey weather! The pies look particularly nice mmmm....

  2. Thanks for the sunshine colored photos. We in the northern hemisphere truly need that color this time of year. Dreary here, too, but your yellow post brightens the day.

  3. Wonderful yellows but my favourite is the first, grey, dreary one. It's absolutely beautiful.

  4. I love your photos. I was in Manhattan last week and luckily I DID NOT find that English bakery last week. I bet they sell amazing pies and sausage rolls. I don't understand why there are so many delicious food shops in NY and everyone is as thin as a reed?? Pray answer me that oh oracle.

  5. Elizabeth, how well you've captured the various current NYC moods and views.

    I made my way through today's grey to the Met to have just one final look at that marvelous Matisse exhibit on its last day. Lots of color there, even a bit of yellow.


  6. English treats look satisfying.

    And yellow? Happy Fellow!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3
    > < } } ( ° >

  7. We could do with some yellow over here Elizabeth - still there is wet snowing falling as it has been since tea time yesterday. Love those yellow rabbit biscuits.

  8. The English shop is so tempting, but Stilton pie? I don't believe it!!!

  9. Yellow cheer ups - thanks! (did you get some pie?)

  10. This was a nice shot of happy yellow for winter-sore eyes! The calendar says spring now, but here winter still has her frosty grip on us....bbbrrr... Happy Days, Elizabeth ((HUGS))

  11. How fun Elizabeth, that you can walk through your city like that and find yellow. I want to play. I think I caught the weather in a good mood while there this month. Came home to the 90's and now 80's. I'm not ready for summer. Oh, and where is that English Shop? I'll have to visit next time. xo joanna

  12. I love the spots of yellow!

  13. Ooh...the English shop? I had no idea! is that the name of it? I must go check it out.
    : )

  14. There's an English shop?! YEs, tell us the name please. Next time I get to NYC I'm going there for sure. How fun.

    Peeps - my favorite. I could eat that whole pack in a day.


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