Friday, March 8, 2013

Beach Combing

 What is it about the seaside that renders architects whimsical and nautical?

Here a smile and an eye, and.....

lo and behold a complete ship!

Here is the Atlantic from high up

and more of the same.

How we must study the water on cool days and warm ones. This was a pretty chilly day. The young man on the right was a champions surfer who had broken his nose twice. What did your mother say? I asked. He just smiled.

How mesmerizing the water

paddling out

or merely watching

getting one's feet wet

and looking at the bright colors of wet stones.

Looking for shells

and little plants.

Abandoned structures loom through the mist

Then, finally, sunset on the water.

ps. I'm teaching a workshop called "The Need To Tell Stories" all weekend with Seth Apter and Roxanne Evans Stout at Little Bird Studios in New York. It should be fun....


  1. Lovely shots Elizabeth. I do love the shiny quality of wet stones.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. That last one of the sunset is particularly stunning.

  3. Beautiful photos. A great post.

  4. These photos and your captions made my heart sing. I love that you asked the surfer how his mother felt about the twice-broken nose :)

    I wish I could come to your workshop - sounds wonderful.

  5. Beautiful post today.
    I love how the rocks on that beach look like the rocks in my desert !
    But more dusty hahahahahaha.

    I too wish I lived nearer, I would love to come to your workshop.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. Were you taking pictures at the beach in Essouira? I didn't recognize that structure. Glad that you are back in NYC. Just in time for more snow! Lori

  7. Nothing is better than beach photos! LOVE that ship shape house.

  8. Wonderful series of beach theme photos Elizabeth - my favourite is, 'abandoned structures loom in the mist'
    Stay warm!

  9. Elizabeth, it's grand to know that you are back in town, and seeing these photos of a very faraway place has brought much pleasure to my eyes.

    Hoping to see you soon...maybe even next week.


  10. Thanks for this trip to the shore. Here we're still in the throws of seeing floes.

  11. Those surfers are a hardy lot aren't they. I like how you show us the big picture and then help us see a world in a grain of sand, And a heaven in a wild flower.

  12. Great post which covers the spectrum of landscape + human interaction. Beautiful images as always - that coast line is full of interest - seas one side and camel trains the other.

  13. Absolutely love the 3rd pic...

    Hello love :)


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