Saturday, September 10, 2011

Stormy Day at the Beach

I always find going to the beach in September extra sweet.

The children are back at school. The light is changing and you know
 that the number of beach days is growing smaller and smaller.

Yesterday we we greeted by the sight of wild waves. 
"They were much bigger yesterday," the life guard said. 

Such wonderful, crashing, disorganized waves. No chance of swimming. 
Hurricane Katia somewhere miles and miles away. 

I think the lifeguards have fun in their dune buggies.
 I think the lifeguards have fun in general.

Hurricane Irene had cut into the dunes making a little cliff.
Later on the biting flies came out.

A splendid day for being beside the sea

A small person on a large beach!

but no one was allowed in it

except the surfers.


  1. Apart from the biting flies, it looks idyllic!

  2. i love seeing this, elizabeth,
    as i had no idea
    that your beach
    looked so much like
    my beach
    here in north florida...

    seems your wide beach
    is a bit steeper...
    ours is Very Wide
    and Flat at lowest tide.

    i love the beach in september
    there are fewer people about
    the sun is in a more southern spot in the sky.

    enjoy your weekend, missy!


    i am headed out to the beach
    later today myself
    for lunch.

    {{ if not for you,
    i might never be on
    This fine beach.
    i thank you for that...

    isn't life grand! }}

  3. Oh I so want to be there...I think I can hear the waves!

  4. I so agree with the September comment.
    Oh such memories your photos have reminded me off.
    I can smell the salt air and hear the waves.
    When I lived in Laguna Beach we loved September because most of the tourist were gone, it was quiet and we could go down and enjoy the ocean.
    The days got cooler and the sun was shining and the ocean always smelled so good. I miss the ocean so much.

    Beautiful photos.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. E - You have, as always, captured the essence with these photos. I'm so looking forward to our day at the beach when I return to NY!

  6. Elizabeth, this is a lovely tribute to early September, as summer eases into history.

    Every one of your photos is so good at capturing that particular day at the beach. I think my favorite would the that of the little child walking into the distance, between the tracks left by the ... beach vehicle of some sort.

    That photo seems to symbolize how time passes. Well, for me anyhow!


  7. I could be Kathleen Kelly of You've Got Mail. Looking at your pictures, I just got reminded how much I miss New York in the fall.

  8. A lovely day out on a lovely beach - lucky for some! I like pic no 3 (and the tiny person one too of course!).

    We've been warned by our weather men/women to tie down any loose pots and sorts in our gardens as over the next couple of days I believe we have to expect a little bit of Hurricane Katya.

    Such a contrast!

  9. Splendid, indeed!

    I think you are utterly right about the lifeguards. :-)

  10. Jealous of your time by the ocean and glad your part of the world missed at least the very worst of the hurricanes.

  11. Beautiful shots as usual- I swear , you could make a photo of Buster's droppings look fascinating- You are such a good photographer! The ocean rather scares me- I like where we are because the sound just sort of weakly rises and falls, sneaks up on you quietly.

  12. Great photos, Elizabeth! Yes, looks a wonderful day for being beside the sea.

  13. Firstly I must say the picures you have posted here are simply amazing. Spectaluar sight or I will say treat to the eyes.

  14. Wished I could be there, sans flies.


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