Wednesday, September 14, 2011

An Excursion to the Mysterious East Side

I  rarely venture much above 23rd Street,
so this part of New York seems almost a different country

full of very important people doing business type things.

The architecture is mid last-century and reminds me, oddly, of Ayn Rand.

In the forties 

they take skyscrapers very seriously indeed.

Even the Chrysler building looks odd.

ps. I just gobbled up my copy of Tess Kincaid's Patina, a collection of her vivid and touching poems which arrived from Amazon on Monday.I'm proud to say have been blog friends (and out of blog) friends with Willow for five years now. This is a super collection. My favorite is Blue Plate Special. Highly recommended


  1. yes

    there is an Ayn Rand~ness
    to this part of your wonderful city...

    isn't that something!

    {{ i love
    that you said that }}

  2. Excuse my ignorance but I don't know of Ayn Rand so don't get the connection. However, the iconic Chrysler building looks great from any angle.

  3. Like the sepia treatment of your photos. It adds another layer of nostalgia to the landscape.

  4. I loved the fourth shot - that's like my dream vision of New York.

    And Patina is a very good read indeed.

  5. Elizabeth, the east side, midtown division, of New York City is definitely filled with iconic architecture of a certain era, and recent decades' additions do sometimes to be trying just a bit too hard.

    Think you are on to something with the Ayn Rand connection, and I have to admit that every time I see a Banana Republic "Mad Men" tie-in poster, I gasp a bit and somehow wonder if feminism has lost the graphic arts/media journey through contemporary history.

    Your photos are super, particularly that of the the Chrysler Building, my own absolute favorite New York building.

    Don't stay too long on the east side, Elizabeth. The west side is where the soul is!

    I am going to look for Patina and thank you for giving me this hint.


  6. additions try to ...

    fast typing on an emotional topic such as NYC architecture gets my typing fingers over excited.


  7. The fourth photo is brilliant !

    cheers, parsnip

  8. I'm always agog over NYC photos. Love the nostaligic vibe. Thanks for the tip about Willow's book. I've not been to visit her in awhile.

  9. you photos are wonderful and thanks for the book recommendation

  10. Love the Chrysler photo and your thoughts on the city...I am in Kansas, but was born in Rochester. Was in NYC in June and stayed at the Newton. You are blessed to have all that around you. My husband and I both agreed that if we lived there we would be members of The Met and go there every week. Oh and Grimaldi's Pizza in NYC is such a great great place!

  11. Ooo...I love that shot of the Chrysler Building! And thank you for all those lovely things you said about "Patina". I might never have put together a chapbook, if you hadn't mentioned it a few years back. I remember having to Google "chapbook". xo


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