Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Still Cold

Clear and bright.

Blue skies at last....

Elementary School on 21st Street.

Snowbanks obscure the children's dream of life under the sea.

 Time to get back to work.

How dull. Time to play games like: Find the camouflaged knife

What can this possibly be?

Way too easy to guess.
A very old chair.

Pure white flowers for the new year.


  1. Beautiful photography, Elizabeth. Time to get back to work? It's way more fun to play.

  2. Happy New Year! This was quite a lovely post..almost felt like I was walking down the street :)

  3. This chair is laughing- isn´t it :-))

    Wonderful flowers for the new year- I will buy some flowers, too - breathing away the last Christmas feeling...

    Love- Ines

  4. The dream under the seascape with snow beneath is Alice in Wonderland-like, topsy-turvy whimsical. If it wasn't for your photos I'd get no cityscapes to sigh over. Thanks for sharing.

  5. New Year greetings to you, Elizabeth, and compliments on these photos.

    Do you think that we really have more snow by this weekend?


  6. I'm glad you are finally seeing some blue sky. One can only take so many gray days. At least you have Morocco to look forward to.

    I agree with Ines about the laughing chair. The paint may be work, but it's more fun than some jobs.

  7. The 'hole in the sky' beckons the way to a bright future; exciting and in which anything can happen.

    The chair and the palette knife; delicious images - I can smell the paint and 'taste' the inspiration.

  8. Hello,

    you make very intresting photos.
    I love your styl.

    greatings to you send Conny


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