Sunday, January 9, 2011


While walking home from dinner last night, 
we came upon an even more thrilling party on 20th Street near 6th Avenue.

The woman, however, looks a little frosty....

...and the beaked creature decidedly odd.


  1. Crazy- but I like it :-))

    Enjoy your Sunday- Ines

  2. Mrs Elizabeth you have a fantastic vision about making photos. I love blogs about new York:photos etc.
    Your photos show fantastic New York :)
    Damn I want to go to America ;(
    I am waiting to next posts :)
    Greetings from Poland.
    (I added to watch)

  3. Wow! Love it! Whacky and creative window display.

  4. Happy new year from Quebec!

    New York isn't so far away but what a world!

    I hope my next travel will be soon and thanks for your daily posts to keep in touch!!!

  5. Happy Birthday Elizabeth. You are getting better with the years! Glad to be counted as one of your firends.

  6. I adore the window displays !

    Is it your Birthday ? mine was the 4th.
    I love January Birthday, New Year, New Hope, First Month and a Birthday what could be better.

    Happy Birthday ! Hope you have a lovely day !

    cheers, parsnip

  7. The bird head is exceptional! I saw this window in some one's blog last week- love the bear bearing a bear gift- Bears can be so tricky...I would fall for it, for sure!

  8. If my fairy-godmother ever shows up, that's the ball I'd like her to get me to.

    Happy birthday!

  9. Oh my goodness, Elizabeth, seems that I might be another now wishing you a belated Happy Birthday! Lovely to have a new year in more than one way.

    Of course, the stylish windows are fantastic, in more than one way. Surrealism is always in style with the fashion world. Believe me.


  10. Beautiful display! Do you know what the occasion was?
    Thank you for visiting.Yes elderly people should work more with computers

  11. Interesting but as you say, odd!


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