Monday, January 17, 2011



9th Avenue

It takes quite something to get noticed on the streets of New York.
This is Pat, the crossing guard, kitted up against the weather.
A friend told her she looked like a #2 pencil.

The first sighting of a whole tribe of Lady Libertys who hand out flyers for some tax company.
It is 20'F out today. No wonder he doesn't look very cheerful.


  1. A number 2 pencil! That is hilarious.
    Poor Ms. Liberty- I have seen better looking ones on occasion but mostly seems that it is a job for the "can't get work anywhere" crowd. I am nice to them but they do make me laugh. Like the kids dressed in costumes waving signs and dancing spasmodically- how that ever appeals to people who "just can't wait to shop there" is beyond me.

  2. The liberty fellow looks dismayed indeed and I can't say as I blame him, but the yellow crossing guard lady doesn't look a whole lot happier, but again, I don't blame her...cold and damp does not make for happy people.

    Love your photo story today.

  3. wahahahahahahah... love the trying to stay warm and dry outfits.

    If that was me I would have about twenty pairs of socks on and then not be able to walk. or the battery ones that are suppose to keep your feet warm. I can't stand cold feet.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. I know that Pat's days are definitely brightened, and perhaps even warmed a bit, by an appearance by ... Buster. I know that he always waits for the proper walking sign!

    Best wishes! Hoping to see you before you leave town. xo

  5. & she does look like a pencil! the cold has been bitter. at least we've had some sunshine here and there.
    if you have a chance, enter my giveaway. the info is on my sidebar.
    : )

  6. My costume these days consists of a polar tech turtleneck, jeans and boots. And I'm afraid it will be that way for a while. Snowing again.


  7. Very funny costumes!
    But where are Buster's little blue boots? :)
    Ah I see, the snow is melted away, and he does not needs them now.
    Have a nice day!

  8. What can I say! You just capture the moment and share it - great!

  9. That buster looks so cute even rain/snow/sleet-drenched when he probably won't smell his best afterwards. :)

    Near my office there is one of those street performers who stays super still as a statute for 5 minutes at a time, and then suddenly changes position (what do they call them?). He dresses as a GI Joe in full camo paint. I always thought that was kind of fun.

  10. Is that Buster near the "Pencil?" Cheers Lori


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