Sunday, January 23, 2011

More Flower-Stalking

16'F = minus 8'C for you Euro-types out there.
I know this isn't the least cold if you live in Russia, Maine or North Dakota
but New Yorkers like to complain.

So I went out looking for flowers and found some locked up behind a grille in the florists
on the corner of 8th Avenue and 22nd Street.
White is definitely the best color for azaeleas ... but this is only my opinion.

Paperwhites smell almost better than they look and gosh, do they crumple up and get leggy towards the end of their visit....even so they hint of winter's ending...

Orchids are so wonderful that one has to pinch them to make sure they aren't artificial.
I only like real flowers though, again, that's only my opinionated opinion.

What a jungle scene with a bird-of-paradise in the distance!



  1. Grand photos! The first two look like floral paintings from a high class gallery. Yes, orchids looks so perfect they seem artificial.

  2. I'm a real flower person too. Someone once gave me some artificial ones and they were very pretty but after a while they became wallpaper, I stopped noticing them, and what's the point in that?

    Paper whites are a favourite of mine, must dash out and get some before the season is over.

  3. "New Yorkers like to complain" Well, that's the place for me! Finally, a complaining mecca!
    The orchids are very frilly, like a wedding dress- they are cheerful and the blossoms last a very long time- I have killed loads of them...even though they are hearty I somehow manage to murder them.
    Artificial flowers- what's the point? Unless they are artfully artificial- like made of metal or glass or wool felt...

  4. Wonderful photos.
    If I lived in New York I would be looking for flowers after all that snow you have been deluged in !

    The ones you posted from Dean and De Luca the other day were spectacular.
    Happy flower searching...

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Have a nice evening, dear Elizabeth!

    Yes- we have the same temperatures and I don´t like that like you ...

    So I love it, that you find some islands like me to enjoy the mind...

    Wonderful flowerimpressions- white, my favourite, too :-)

    A big hug- Ines♥

  6. Hi euro type here...just joking!

    Love to visit NY. I feel that your blog really captures NY spirit and I am glad I found you..

  7. I'll be there at the end of the month and am already bracing myself for walking about in the frigid temps. Those orchids are gorgeous!

  8. Oh Elizabeth, is it possible that tomorrow will be even colder in New York?

    I also love true, real flowers and love to follow them through their true seasons.

    This morning on my way to the not exactly over-heated shop, I wanted to find a bouquet for an anniversary gift for someone at the shop. I found a beauty of a bunch at a shop in my neighborhood and it did survive the subway ride and walk. Cold...heat...cold...heat. Success!

    My paperwhite bulbs just might get to flower stage this week.

    Bundle up. Stay indoors as much as possible. xo

  9. Beautiful flowers! 16 (-8) is really cold, here only -2, but no snow :(

  10. The purity of those blooms. Perfect for January.

  11. Some do look artificial I agree. Lovely to see flowers at this time of year, thanks.

  12. Hi Elizabeth, thank you for your kind words - re. my post - I would be very honoured if you put a link to my blog wherever you want to.


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