Thursday, November 18, 2010

Home Again/Ah New York!

After an absence one looks at the same old stuff with new-washed eyes.

American vernacular architecture in Coram, Long Island.

Very bling clothing on 7th Avenue.

And the hat!

New graffiti posters on 22nd Street.

And the people! Handicapped children being taken for a walk in Union Square.

For some reason, this magazine dispenser on the corner of 8th Avenue seems to be smiling.

As is Michael, seen here with the garbage truck driver
whose yellow overalls caught the morning light.

A sign of the season: a detail from one of Berch's paintings
on the window of the SE corner of 9th Avenue and 23rd Street.

ps A super new blog from my friend, fellow Brit, dog owner and artist
You will enjoy his sketches of animals and quirky taste in general.


  1. You are so right ! After an absence everything you see at home is new and different.
    Adore the Dinner, I would so be there for coffee if that was near me.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Yes, it happens, you return to your home city and can't recognize it:)

  3. New York through your lens is astonishing and very humane! Fresh!
    There is a very cute dog in the garbage man shot- he looks pleased to have you back!

  4. New York looks to be an amazing place and SO different from Florence. Each wonderful in their own way. I'm wondering what kind of event would entice people to plop down their plastic for those shiny clothes--wowow!

    Yes, and there is Buster with his feather duster tail getting out and about with his family. Happy for him.

  5. I love the new graffiti poster and the magazine dispenser. It's really smiling.

    Happy weekend. :)

  6. The diner is fantastic, as is the smiling dispenser, and the garbage man is not unattractive in his luminous yellow.

  7. So much to see, so much color is the world of cities. Must be why I wander to your blog over and over. Love the photos.

  8. Back in your own territory with interesting pictures as ever.

  9. Love always seeing your amazing NY photos!


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