Monday, November 22, 2010

Frost Moon/Empire State Building

It's beginning to get colder....

Here is the frost moon starting its ascent over the Empire State Building....


photos courtesy of Robert Schmid
...until it leaps out of sight

On a more prosaic note: we haven't actually had any frost yet, at least not that I've noticed.


  1. Beautiful pictures from New York.
    Wishing you a nice week:)
    Greetings, Berit.

  2. Looks like your "comment" section has an anonymous butt head. anyway, your shots are astonishing as always. Especially loving the blurred first one- the moon nearly bright enough to out bright the beautiful empire lights!

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous. No frost down south here either.

  4. Wonderful series of moon photos, plus the Empire State Building Perfect !

    I have been taking a lot of moon pictures lately just seem in the Fall the moon is so huge here in Tucson.
    Which is good because we don't have the Empire State Building ! woo hoo !

    Do you remember when it was over 100 in NY ? now your looking for frost !

    cheers, parsnip

  5. The E.S. building looks wonderful with all those showy lights. But the moon is still my favorite. Haven't seen her for days, though. Overcast, snowy and windy here. Good to know the skies are clear and lit up somehwere.

  6. Fanatstic pictures, I love pictures with the moon, I do not know why but it always remind me about cold days

  7. Dearest Elizabeth, we actually had some frost here on L.I. while you were away. I expect that we will get more this weekend. Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. Wow New York, now that's a city I'd love to work and live in!

    Loving your previous posts on Italia as well! Brings back plenty of awesome memories!


  9. Excellent shot of the Empire State Building . Absolutely loved it! I grew up in NJ right across the river just north of the GW Bridge. That photo brings back lost of fun, fond memories of the Big Apple.

  10. Beautiful! We actually have had frost here, but I don't think it was as pretty as this!


  11. Oh my...these are wonderful shots and one of the reasons I adore NYC. You just never know what kodak moment awaits you.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Elizabeth!

  12. oh yes ..need some gloves walking at night with the dog

  13. Unusual photos. It has got very cold here too. Supposed to be going to be the coldest November for 17 years.

    I have not read the book you mention Elizabeth.

  14. All your photos are gorgeous, I had a pleasant time to explore your page and I congratulate you for your excellent work ! I'm a follower with pleasure :)

    Bye Mahon


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