Saturday, June 19, 2010

Estate Sale Long Island

How some people love to pore over the things other people want to sell or discard!
 I think it is the thrill of the hunt-- that at any moment the most wonderfu treasure will be unearthed.

To be honest, I only go to these things when friends want to go, but I know they are sadly addictive.

The coffee cups were rather charming.....

.......boxes of other stuff less so

This child's dress  was exquisitely clean.


  1. To be invited to trawl through the contents of another person's life: rich pickings for a writer!

  2. lovely and thoughtful photos of someone's treasures and life..

  3. Hi, Elizabeth-
    I love such old things... they could tell you stories, if they would be able to do...
    Enjoy your Sunday-
    Love, Ines

  4. Just the place to wile away the hours.

    I am enjoying Jane in Winter very much, as I said before I am a very slow reader, I only read books before I go to bed and by that time my eyes are so tired but I have been delighted by your writing and all the half forgotten things and memories from my childhood that your story has evoked.

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