Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Chelsea Market/Fruit and Bread

The Old Nabisco Biscuit factory is now home to lots and lots of food shops. Excellent for food snobs and if you aren't one already you will soon become one. An excellent fruit market where everyone goes from restaurant chefs to just plain people....

...and firemen who, when not fighting fires, seem to do a lot of cooking. A handsome, helpful crew held in high esteem by New Yorkers.

They keep the fruit market very chilly, so the check-out girls wear sweaters even in June.

The front door of the same...

Just across the way are the bakers at Sarabeth's busy making the most delicious  bread, cakes and cookies. The nearest to home-baked you can get round here.


They even provide a table to sit at to enjoy it all........

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  1. Wonderful shots,dear Elizabeth!

    You are able to catch life with your camera- unbelievable- I like it as always... it´s like being there for real :-)

    I can imagine, that it´s wonderful to buy the food in such markets. I like fresh food and all looks tasty there... including the firemen ;-))

    Hugs, Ines

  2. Stopping by to scream - I MISS NYC!!! Just yesterday, I told my husband I wish I could move back. I'd be there in a flash. Give my regards...

  3. What a great place for a stroll. We should have shops like that here.

  4. what a delicious view of NYC... those baked yummies are making me hungry....

  5. Of course I enlarged the bakery photo to see all those goodies. I like the milkglass too, in that shop.

  6. Fortunately, it's lunch time so I can say it's clock-hunger rather than blog-induced hunger. Next trip to NY, I'm gonna have to stay overnight, so I can eat more.

  7. Don't you just love going into a one stop shopping area like this one!Excellent! Love the egg holder in the bakery!

  8. Looks like a good use of a disused biscuit factory Elizabeth.

  9. Yum Yum to the Baker's Shop!

  10. What a wonderful place to shop....Barb

  11. Thank you for the fun tour of a wonderful place. I'm so glad your camera goes with you and you bring home the evidence to share! A place like this could certainly turn into a shopping/eating binge.


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