Monday, June 21, 2010

Coney Island

One of the reasons for going to Coney Island is to eat all the stuff that's terrifically bad for you
 -- but miraculously has no calories when eaten in the fresh air.

You can wear whatever you want --even blend in with the scenery....

 You can buy all sorts of cool plastic stuff

 and show off your tats

wear extra special headgear when participating in the Mermaid Parade

and sit facing the boardwalk

and listen to music.

Robert' s pictures of the same event are here 


  1. Most Excellent! The guy in purple with the crazy hat is an award winner. Do you enter your photos in any contests?

  2. The essence of summer! What glorious, colourful riches -- enlivened by your always humorous commentary. (If only outdoor calories WERE free.)

    I would write more, but I have to go to a mother-daughter tennis tournament . . . xx

  3. Thank you for the holiday! Cold and rainy here, but I like it...Would love to have one of those crazy hats!Did Buster get a hot dog?

  4. It all looks so sunny and holidays. Deep-frying a dog would certainly make it hot.

  5. I loved the man with the parachute ride hat. As a child, my parents would take all of us to Bensonhurst, Brooklyn each Sunday for dinner with the relatives. We would ride on the highway past Coney Island and see the parachute ride operating. People would scream as they fluttered on their way down. I swear you could hear them.

  6. Oh- I could feel the hot air- I could feel the sun on the skin- feel the fun, you had... wonderful- and I feel longing...
    A wonderful photostory :-)

    Love- Ines

  7. hehe Made my day :)
    Wonderful post !
    loved the hats xx

  8. I love all the hats....especially that purple one.

  9. New Yorkers always have the most interesting head gear. I remember one year when there was a possibility that a comet or asteroid might land in the city and my friends began making absurd protective head gear.


  10. Love that hat with parachute umbrellas - I want one!
    I went to Coney Island with my cousins most summers as a kid, and we rode the Steeplechase,carousel like horses on an outside track around a building, fast and scary and loud, WONDERFUL.

  11. Colourful and jolly and crowded!

  12. What a fun post! Wow, what an interesting place...tons to see! Thanks for sharing-your pics are great! Never been there but I'd sure like to go!
    ***have a blessed week***


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