Sunday, May 30, 2010


                              Where a tree once was 22nd Street

Spring brings with it a great urge to improve and prettify things. An excellent idea. Some people do indoor projects like putting in new carpets or recessed lighting  or things like that. Other than ordering some Le Crueset cooking stuff (for when I feel ambitiously domestic) my thoughts turn to outdoors. Since I don't have a garden I long to take over a little plot of something outside and adopt it in a sort of guerilla gardener sort of way......

....just as Luis Lujan has done on the corner of 25th Streetand 9th Avenue. Petunias rule! I look forward to following his project. Buster is pretty impressed too!

This morning I met Shin Shin from California who pastes huge photos
 of fruit from her garden onto other graffiti. She wants to make things a great deal prettier.....

                              22nd St. between 10th and 11th Avenues.

.... and somehow succeeds.

The new park at the  west end of 23rd Street now has a carousel 
with lovely decorated creatures to ride on. A great hit on a late spring Sunday. 


  1. LOVE the horse covered in butterflies and such. beautious indeed!

  2. Beautiful gob of photos1 Love the pasted veggies and the tiny pup. Very cool ride on the go around! Wonderful shots of your day, thank you, I feel like I have had a mini- holiday.

  3. Oh Elizabeth-
    sooooo beautiful pictures :-)
    Little Buster would have fun with my little Ginger- so cute- I love that little doggie :-) I wish Luis much luck with his flowers :-)
    I don´t like graffity so much- but spraying flowers- a great idea :-)

    And I am in love with the hores on that carusel :-) So beautiful- I´ve never seen such a pretty horse! I love girly things. I have a wonderful daughter- we share everything- she´s my best friend-beside my mother :-)

    A wonderful post! I love the idea of "beautification"- a great word :-))

    Enjoy your week- Hugs, Ines

  4. Carousels have always something unrealistic, I like esp. the last picture

  5. Cool pics of New York. Love the grafitti so considerate of them pasting. Love the pics.. carla

  6. Stunning images of wonderful projects! I am very taken with the pasting onto grafitti.

  7. I must get over to the west side to see some of your amazing finds in person. I keep meaning to get out around the neighborhood (LES) and take some pictures to incorporate into my blog, but I guess I don't get out much. But you've inspired me.


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