Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Surrey Vegetation

The beech trees' delicate leaves...

above a narrow path. We go on a healthy walk in Guildford.

Clematis in a suburban garden.....

and very fancy bark at Wisley...  

...where camellia blossoms form a sort of exotic confetti.


  1. nature is always splendid!

  2. Surrey's forested green resplendently glorious! I feel reborn! I can smell the earth there! It smells like spring! Lucky Elizabeth! Beautiful pics! Most majestic this impetus of earth regreened!

  3. It looks like you have picked a great time to travel back to England. I am enjoying your photos very much Elizabeth.

  4. I really enjoy Wisley, so thanks for the photos.
    But you've got sunshine! 400 miles north and it's not so hot up here...

  5. It is easy to imagine tree faries flitting about here. Lovely photos as always.

  6. Oh thank you! I love trees! These leaves are so lush I just want to take bites out of them! Even though I wouldn't do that because:

    a) that's gross
    b) it would make the trees less beautiful

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  8. Lucky you to have visited Wisley. Can you believe I live in West Sussex and have never been! x


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