Saturday, May 15, 2010

Family Reunion, Wimbledon, England

Circa 1937
A cousin who was at the reunion with his mother.... who was not

Most people, including me, are already up on the stage waiting for the group photo. The reunion is held in a church hall where they have lots of tables and a kitchen and toys and things for the children to do. 

My great grandfather had fourteen children -- or rather his wife did. (Gosh!) Two died very young in the First World War. There are tables with lots of photos of relatives  -- my father,  aged two, wearing a dress --they did in those days...... and Auntie Rose looking glam on her wedding day.

All generations tumbled together (we wore name tags).  I met several people I hadn't talked to in almost forty years.

And the newest generation played around and had lots of fun......

....dancing .....

...or just looking.......


  1. LOL you all look sooooo English. Love it!!

  2. Oh- Elizabeth- I am glad for you:-) Such an exciting trip! I imagine, that it´s wonderful to see all the people... I like the English looking people :-) very elegant. And I am in love with these old photos- I love the hairstyle soooooooooooooooo much! I wish- this would be modern at this time...

    Enjoy it- I love it-

    Hugs, Ines

  3. What a lot of work for the organizers to get so many generations together. And what a grand outcome! Family from old to youngest gathered to share and renew acquaintances must have been a wonderful event. Too bad Buster couldn't come. ;D

  4. There is something utterly wonderful about the continuity of family and the change of generations that these pictures capture. A study in humanity.

  5. That is quite a family reunion! I've been enjoying your posts of your visit to England.

  6. What a wonderful, busy time, you are having Elizabeth - lovely to see your photos of where you are and who you are visiting.

  7. Oh my what a visual treat- beautiful people and that baby in the pink cardigan looks so delicious! Portrait worthy! Looks like a wonderful time- such a lovely family.So glad you could go and be with them all- bet you are the only one who writes amazing books! I must say the serpent still gives me terrors.

  8. What fun, especially for those young enough to maybe keep up lifetime connections.

  9. I agree with Diana, you all look so English and very pretty! I enjoy the old photos so much and it's so great to have this gathering, it's not often and meeting people you are connected too is fun and great. Happy week ahead

  10. How wonderful! Everyone does look very English (in the nicest possible way). The "old" photographs are very elegant.

  11. How lovely for you to get over on a trip to England, and for a family reunion too. The old photos show such real beauty. x


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