Monday, August 17, 2009

City and Country

Sunday morning outside Starbucks on 8th Avenue. 8am

Dramatis personae: 
IanDownTheHall,Elly, Dan, Knut, Buster and Buck.
Ian decides to read us a story.

6am. Monday Morning. Old Tappan.
Dramatis personae: none

Mist rises from the field.


  1. Great photos. I'm planning to do some 6am mist shots in Chamonix in the next few days...

    I borrowed Fortunate Child from Beth last weekend. I look forward to reading it.


  2. hello to New York . a City I recently spent some days .. thanks for being here ..blogging here in the Internet is such a good poosibility to go on sharing the beautiness of the moment .. well i bought less in NY but a starbucks mug with the liberty lady was a must .. thanks for being here love andrea

  3. Yes you would love the Fox Talbot museum with your interest in photography Elizabeth.
    That work of Roberts is quite something.

  4. Great photos. Especially the first one :-)

  5. Beautiful photos of a sultry summer in NYC. So many New Yorkers escape to the country in August ...I love the quiet streets in the none touristy areas this time of the year.

  6. What fun .. Buster looks as if he was settling in for the whole book

  7. Lovely sunrise you can tell it's going to be a hot day!
    Sunny :)

  8. Great Pix!
    And your new header is perfect!
    Have a lovely new week!
    Beatrice and the furries

  9. Old Tappan is beautiful - a variation on God's Grandeur, perhaps! (Hopkins)

  10. There's nothing like a bit of spontaneous street storytelling.

  11. All three photos are superb! Kids and dogs are a favorite. But your low-angled sunlight shots are winners. Love the new header with the gold clouds behind the dark buildings.

  12. Mist is always very photographic. So smooth and mysterious.

  13. Thanks Elizabeth for the kind comments, we sure need tons of them now :P I LOVE the 2nd picture, looks like seeing it from a postcard, very beautiful. Hugs/M

  14. Oh, these morning view are very beautiful, Elizabeth...very summery! And just love all those dogs surrounding that sweet little boy--too cute! Happy Day, my friend ((HUGS))

  15. IanDownTheHall really draws a good crowd :)

    beautiful out of the city photos

    have a happy time

  16. mornings - heavenly! your photos do them justice

  17. What a great neighborhood you have Elizabeth. Love your header. Pat pat for Buster.

  18. Elizabeth, that last photograph is gorgeous!!! You need to print that out and frame it! Or put it on handmade cards. Really!

  19. I adore the scene from Starbucks. It could be the cover of a children's picture book.

    But the pictures without people are just so stunning, E. I wish that I could step into that orange glow of a setting sun through the trees.

  20. These images are delightful!
    Love the white dog and the boy reading a story.

    Tried to comment on your other blog, unfortunately it will not accept them unless I give away my first and last name. So there, I'll continue to enjoy it quietly - just wanted you to know.

    May your sky be blue all the way to the horizon,
    and a light breeze refresh you when wished for,


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