Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fort Tryon Park and the Cloisters

I know this blog is officially finished...but yesterday's glorious weather prompted an excursion to the northernmost part of Manhattan. 
The pictures have an oddly fuzzy look since I managed to inadvertently turn the knob to some 'artsy' setting. However you will get the general effect...

Fort Tryon Park, high above the Hudson, has lovely herbaceous borders.

And masses of the autumn anemone-like plant whose name I have managed to mislay...

Not to mention hydrangeas.

At the Cloisters the salvia blazes,  the Thomas Tallis Motet soars in the background

and a few first yellow leaves fall.

This is the nearest thing to Europe on the island of Manhattan.



  1. Glorious place! I did run to fetch my eye glasses and then realized I was already wearing them...must get to the eye doctor soon, need stronger lenses.

  2. Ah, you could not quite stay away Elizabeth!!
    Wonderful images from the northern part.
    I had some time ago googled the far north of Manhattan as rarely is anything showcased about it. I found a lot of interesting articles and its just lovely up there!
    Great to see you.

  3. Elizabeth, thanks to you for realizing that you could still find much about New York to photograph and reveal to us.

    You brought me sweet nostalgia about a very sweet early boyfriend of mine. He promised me a special picnic, and it turned out to be caviar on tiny rings of toast and champagne in the park just below the Cloisters.

    I will never forget his sense of taste and romance.

    Thanks for the memories. Don't apologize about any button on your phone or camera. The pictures took me right back.


  4. I didn't know! Now where do I go?!

  5. Lovely to have the treat of another "About New York," Elizabeth. I always looked forward to seeing through your eyes. Thanks!

  6. Lovely to have the treat of another "About New York," Elizabeth. I always looked forward to seeing through your eyes. Thanks!

  7. I love the Cloisters. Love your photos!

  8. So glad you're back and I love that orange cone-shaped flower in the second photo!!!

  9. Any time you feel like posting Elizabeth!

  10. Wonderful, Wonderful and Wonderful !
    I love seeing new York through your eyes.
    When you said you were closing down this blog I tried to go back and find one photo you took through a rainy bus window down a street in new York.
    I couldn't find it. It was one of my favorite photos.

    cheers, parsnip

  11. A beautiful taste of Autumn over there Elizabeth. Glad you can't bear to stay away!

  12. I just found out that hydrangers are an everlasting flower when picked at this stage....


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