Thursday, January 19, 2012

People and Not People

One thing about living in the city is that you run
 into a lot of people whether you like them or not.....

all fit and cheery in Old Navy

waiting to cross the road on 6th Avenue

repainting the white  crossing lines (the thing the guy on
 the right is holding is the street equivilant of a blow-dryer)....

walking past a truck on 23rd Street

and endlessly doing things to leaky windows.

So, after a bit, it all gets too much....

and one turns to inanimate objects like a door on 20th Street

a nice austere window on the same road

with the rusty urn by the rectory

or even the shadows falling on the Kissam House in Huntington,  Long Island....

ps Am reading Anatole Broyard's 1993 Greenwich Village memoir Kafka was the Rage --such a vivid evocation of the post World War II art scene in New York. Highly recommended.


  1. Great, great, great -
    just enjoyed all this super pix.

  2. The first shot is terrifying! Like a Dr Who episode: they have come for our planet.

    Love the Long Island house.

  3. I love your pics, you have so many wonderful photo opportunities. I loved the Long Island house too.

  4. Very good street photos!
    Have a nice weekend!

  5. pictures are so alive Elizabeth. Yes living in a big city has many advantages. But we dream of wilderness when the busy life of a city tires you down. All kinds of people cross you when you go out. Though my city is not as big as New York but the activity is certainly not less. i prefer to stay home most of the time, hardly ever go out as friends come to see me.

    Hope you are doing fine Elizabeth. Must be very cold outside now.

  6. Nice blog of people and not people. Great title. Is that the Kissam House? See you sometime soon. Lori

  7. As fascinating as the people shots are I agree with you that doors and windows are also very interesting. Your photography is art book worthy.


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