Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Life as a Spy

The snow is still coming down

so the Empire State Building appears rather dim.

I enjoy looking out of the window and wonder if
 the green umbrella signifies anything...

or whether it is merely a green umbrella.

These two men almost certainly have nothing to do with one another

any more than this chap coming back from RiteAid ( I can tell from the bag)

has to do with the man in the knit cap....but you never know.


  1. You are so funny today...
    I heard that people get really bored/crazed staying indoors because of winter... but it only started snowing today, right ?
    But I am giggling so much over your spy day.
    The first green umbrella photo is wonderful.

    Is Buster your sidekick ? I think he would be good at infiltration... no one can resist the smile and waggie tail.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. You got snow!!!!! Looks little different than when we were there...

  3. Snow! The city looks so beautiful, great pictures.

  4. I love the pictures - I hear it's coming down really hard

  5. Continue with your surveillance, just make sure you don't get caught out by the "other side" because we want more of those lovely pictures!

  6. So beautiful - love cities in fresh snow!

  7. I'm chilling looking at your photos while I'm here in a tropical country. It's always good to know what's happening out there (aside from tv news). The green umbrella made me remember the green scarf from the movie Shopaholic. :) Stay warm. :)

  8. oh no, the green umbrella is an inverted satellite transmission dish and it has a hidden movie camera.

    i was wondering looking at the pictures in the previous post, where has the snow in New York gone. Here it is, half the snow in the world.
    But the city looks beautiful in your pictures Elizabeth.

  9. Green umbrella - the colour of the grass that will soon be sprouting - fingers crossed!

    Nice viewpoint to capture the goings on - without going out!

    Sunshine and blue skies here this morning - the white stuff could be just around the corner though!

    Hunker down! BB!

  10. Your spy photos are's so wonderful to have the views you have. Very different from your life in Morroco, but with its own kind of charm and interest. The snow really changes the scene doesn't it!

  11. You do have quite a window on the world--just perfect for people spying!

    I love what snowfall does to the atmosphere. Your photos have captured it well.

  12. I see those white lawns on TV, and they look good in NYC too.

  13. Of course you realize that the umbrella also serves as a camera, the rite aid bag the same and the knit hats!! They have all posted photos of you on their are being watched...and later, may be interrogated, I am sure. They know what you and buster are up to- city spies, they are on to you...

  14. I think you have a great future as a spy. Love the green umbrella. It really is a code, of course. Clever of you to pick it up.

  15. Nice pics! All those poor innocent people that have no idea they are being spied on from above. I am still yet to see snow in real life since I'm in Australia so would love to be in your shoes when you snapped this.

  16. Well done on the spy work Elizabeth!

    If I were the one carrying that green umbrella, it would be the sign of an open rebuke against winter. I love snow, don't get me wrong...but only at Christmas time.

    Thank you for the gaze into your city. I have been thinking much about it this past week for some reason...I think I shall have to return very soon.


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