Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Walk along Broome Street, Soho

By late Friday afternoon the rain stopped and the sky turned blue

which made the puddles turn a nice blue.

A classic water tower above a substantial loft building.

Another of the same with bright puffy clouds.

But the star of the evening was this  -- probably the very worst sofa in the world.
For other shadowshots go here.



  1. The puddle is my favourite. I used to imagine that I was the upside down reflection of myself that I saw in puddles on the walk home from school - magical adventures of the mind!

    Besides, it is a great photograph.

  2. That sofa is very ugly, I couldn't sit down on it :))

  3. I adore reflections photos, there is something very magical about them.

    And the sofa is a hoot !

    cheers, parsnip

  4. I want to decorate a room around that sofa. Chubby cherubs holding massive amounts of tulle with crystals over windows, intricately carved stands laden with massive floral designs, and gold mirrors, candlabras, and frames.

    The puddle photo was magical.

  5. That puddle photo is amazing! I love the color and texture in all the pictures.

  6. A great collection of photos! I agree about the sofa. Eeeek! Have a great week Elizabeth :)

  7. I wonder who created this "comfortable" sofa?:)

  8. Hello! Re my 'giveaway' card where you recently left a comment. If you would like to receive one as indicated on my latest blog please email your postal address to me at I promise to chew and swallow the information once done with it! If you'd rather not - no problem.

    First photograph definitely my favourite.

  9. Agree with you on the sofa!
    A very interesting reflection shot you got in the puddle Elizabeth.


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