Friday, February 4, 2011

On the Hudson

Contrary to what the flag suggests, this is not Greece (ha!) but Chelsea Piers.

It is extremely, bluely, cold.

The golf range looks abandoned, and I dread to think what temperature the water is.

I come upon rather a jolly crew, and ask if I can take their picture.
Hint: Pretend to be a tourist. Tourists take pictures of anything -- no questions asked.
I wonder what these guy are doing. They say: fishing.

"You should wait 'til the diver comes up! ...or what we call bait!"
Much laughter ensues.

Glug, glug, glug. Ice, debris and who knows what else........

But, lo and behold !.....

The diver emerges in his deep-sea diving suit....

And waves quite merrily at me.



  1. Chilly photos! Not even in a wet suit would I put my big toe in the Hudson River.

  2. You are so right about tourists taking photos of anything. I remember when on a visit to NY taking photographs of barrow of fruit being sold by a street vendor and this very "important" and disgusted business guy brushing past me saying "Jeez... you're taking photographs of FRUIT!! I laughed then and smile still at the memory of this very exasperated, - very (self)important, gentleman. Surely, in NY, he must have been used to - tourists who take photographs of - well - anything!

  3. I didn't even know they still made those undersea helmets anymore. How Jules Verne of them!

  4. I don't want to think that's where my fish comes from...I admire you for getting out there and "checking it out"

  5. I love all the photos. Can't believe he was in the water at this time of the year. Brrr! I love how they're all happy and smiling. ;-)

  6. I loved the photos of the diver emerging from the harbor. What luck to be there when that happened. I guess that's why we carry cameras at all times! Good show!

  7. The photos are so clear and the colors so bright. Wonderful.

    I love how jolly everyone is. A smile and "may I take your picture" works almost every time.
    You should see what my son and I stop and take pictures of in Japan.

    cheers, parsnip

  8. what a great photo op! & you've captured some happiness in this freezing cold!

  9. Wow! The Blue Cold has found you as well. Outstanding things you see when the pup takes you for a walk. I'm always amazed at the people who continue on with their day in the face of harsh weather. Going into cold water takes that one to the extreme. Love the photo story.

  10. I tentatively waited along with you and loved the momnet when up pops the diver ... although he was expected.

    These are grerat photos .... and as you say, very bluely cold. Bluely is a great word and seems to describe both the cold and the bubbles from the diver.

  11. We are going to New York in october and I am very lucky to find you! I am your new follower! Hugs from Norway

  12. Love the man in the diver suit! Especially coming out of the Hudson. Great pictures.

    Kandace T.

  13. Nice sequence with excellent colors and nice all

  14. A real working diver, how exotic! I love docks and boats and proper working men.

    Pretending to be a tourist is a very good idea.

  15. yes

    ~~Pretend to be a tourist~~


    i do that all the time
    but, then,
    usually i am, of some sort...

    here is a good one to try
    for a change:

    "" i am taking
    a photography class...
    do you mind if... ""

    really everyone want to be kind,
    don't you think,
    and they are rather Honored
    you would pick THEM!

    your pics
    are amazingly clear & such fun!

    {{ hope every one
    is up to Top Speed
    at your house }}

  16. You capture The City so well, Elizabeth, and I love your ploy of playing a tourist. Well, of course. Aren't we all just tourists?


  17. Quite amazing! and how brave of you to go out in the cold!


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