Saturday, June 21, 2008

8th & 9th and a Book Recommendation

American Apparel on 8th Avenue - a glittery skirt for a youthful figure.

Some hats on sale at the shoe repair shop.

Some sort of error made the sky yellow which is fun. I'm sure the hip-hop guy in his cool red sweat suit would agree.

9th Avenue is altogether more sedate.
A bench to sit on outside a cup cake shop.

A real cat in the vet's window is calm and collected while the poster dog looks frantic. Good summaries of catness and dogness

Book Recommendation:
this book will save your life by
A wonderful, warm-hearted, spot- on critique of contemporary society. Set mostly in LA. Very funny, but touching too.


  1. There's an american apparel in my neighborhood too but i can't shop there. i don't see the book recommendation.


  2. Fun yellow sky!

    Thanks for the book recommendation. I will also have to read The Works of Leo Tolstoy listed on your sidebar!

  3. Elizabeth, I just followed up your move from Marrakech to New York. Sure, you cannot compare the two cities, but there is a little Marrakech also in your pictures of New York!
    Happy Weekend!

  4. "a glittery skirt for a youthful figure" I'd say...:)

    Awesome error with the sky, it made the picture with the hip-hopper.

    A bench to sit on outside a cup cake shop, wouldn't that be heaven's stop?

    So true with the cat/dog summery!

  5. Hi Elizabeth!
    am catching up with your late posts

    this yellow sky is definitely fun!

    Not bad, the view from your flat with a lovely rainbow.

    and I love the sketches of people on square Djemma al Fnaa. so cool!

    Have a great week end!

    ps: I must tell you, i read your comment on P's blog about Joyce's works and found you truly delicious. Bravo for your sincerity! You see, we French people have an absurd and pompous notion of what is good literature and what is not. When I was 18, if I told my schoolmates Sartre's "being and nothingness" left me quite indifferent, I was considered as totally dumb. ah la la...

  6. Elizabeth...interesting colours follow you wherever you go in the world....

  7. These are great. The cat / dog photo is too funny! I like the sound of that book.


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