Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Very English looking church doors At the General Theological Seminary in Chelsea where there is a lovely private garden.

The Victorian windows there are of Biblical scenes and very brightly colored.

A female figure is etched in the glass near the main door.

Looking west down 23rd Street.


  1. I enjoyed going into the chapel very much. Beautiful place with all the stained glass window. I like your last photo. Very cool! ;-)


  2. I love all your architectural pix and especially the stained glass today. And even a teeny glimpse of you! ;)

    Thanks for your nice comments!

  3. I like your reflection in the last picture. It is rare to see pictures of you. I think when Roger and I do get to NYC, we will have to meet Paz...I feel I am getting to know him through blogging. Only 5 days left in NY for you.


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