Thursday, April 10, 2008

Black Goes With Everything

Bumble and Bumble, where I have my hair cut, has stunning views.
Here looking north towards the Chelsea Market etc.
The reflected lights look like flying saucers.

The new Apple Store on 14th Street is housed in a 'moderne' 1920's building.
Very retro minimalist chic. But friendly 'geniuses' to help with computer dilemmas.
In my case, needing a new battery after three years - the old one had gone twice beyond its normal life.

A great improvement in this neighborhood over the past ten years.
Now it is uber something or other.

Going upstairs at the 41st Street Port Authority bus terminal is quite an experience.
You seem to go on for ever - up and up.
Riding the buses to upstate New York is a good alternative to the trains - and pretty cheap.

More Bumble and Bumble views.


  1. Very nice views! Wanna see your new haircut. ;-)


  2. What an incredible place! A beautiful journey for breakfast in France, Surey, New York...


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