Saturday, February 16, 2008

Street Signs

Always good advice, I suppose.

The building this sign used to be afixed to is gone. I was really upset.
There used to be a sort of dingy staircase leading to some sort of office.
Just like something in a Paul Auster story..........

But I'm glad the sign was saved.
It should go next my "Expert" sign from Morocco.

This last is an example of New York black humor.
Odd that the Twin Towers site is now a tourist attraction.
I am often asked the way to ground zero and it always makes me sad.


  1. Huhuu... Elizabeth, I challenged You :-D


    If You don´t understand my translations, please say, I´ll try to explain it differently.

  2. I think you want me to do a picture of something beginning with D?
    I will do my best tomorrow!

  3. I am enjoying your New York photos - so different from Marrakech, especially in the color department!


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