Friday, February 15, 2008

Trees in Winter

Bare winter trees from the bus between Manhattan and Tappan.

these next two were taken on the beach in Morocco - the water was withdrawing through darker sand.

Exactly like a forest in winter I thought.

The bare trees in Central Park are lovely against the sky.


  1. Wonderful comparison between the sand and the trees.

    Recently took a lovely drive up the Hudson to Dia:Beacon. Lots of big, beautiful trees and an amazing space for contemporary art. Have you been there? I think you would like it.

  2. Yes, I was utterly entranced with the sand pictures - I also have one that looks like half a Christmas tree.......
    I have never been to Beacon - though we are dog sitting in Tappan next week.
    Maybe we should take the chance to go to DIA.
    Will it be freezing cold?
    Best wishes.

  3. It will be cold, but the museum is in an old Nabisco factory, with these big fabulous windows that look out, so there's this amazing inside/outside feeling to it - very airy and open. And the little town of Beacon is fun to explore.

  4. I thought it was a painting of trees !!!

  5. One thing I love about bare trees is that one can see the abandoned birds' nests.

  6. Love these shots. I think I even saw a squirrels nest in one of the photos.


  7. Love the winter trees in the sand. Often walk on the beach and I revel in the rich patterns the sea draws every day and then washes away. I once met a girl who was deaf and blind. She drew amazing pictures, I think in the same way that Beethoven held music in his mind, somehow, despite being blind from birth she held images in her dna, half remembered and then drew. Her drawings were exquisite, but like the sea, when she had finished each one she would rip it up or throw it away. It was of no value to her. She could not see it and it was the process f creating that held the importance to her. I think maybe the sea on the beach drawing in the sand is a little like that.

  8. Lovely pictures. The only time I saw Central Park was when the Christo orange curtains were hanging everywhere a few years ago. Not a good look.


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