Sunday, December 11, 2016


The little plastic Santa comes out of his box

the children write letters.

The last flowers are gathered from the garden

and bits and pieces of foliage admired.

We see curious fungi on a walk.

The usual trip to the green market  to see wreathes

buy fruit

and see more wreaths

and luxuriate in berries

and more berries.

An edited picture of a splendid tree on Long Island looking mysteriously festive.


  1. The pictures you've included here are full of the spirit of Christmas! Elizabeth, I love the picture of the children writing certain important letters, and the greenery pictures let me imagine their fresh scents. All wonderful. xo

  2. Those children are adorable writing those magical letters. Beautiful.

  3. Lovely photograph of the children writing letters Elizabeth.
    My new baby Great granddaughter is here - she is called Ula and weighed in at just over nine pounds. If you scroll back through a couple of my posts you will see the photographs I posted of her.
    I have the twenty pounds here, ready to give to a children's charity so I really would like you to knit her an elf hat. I presume you have my address still - if not please let me know and I'll send it. I am so looking forward to seeing it, so thank you for agreeing to do it.

  4. Such a lovely collection of images. I too, love the photo of the children - it has a feeling of a children's book illustration. So nostalgic. Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy Christmas and new year :)

  5. Beautiful photos. The roses in the first photo are absolute perfection. Your post has made me feel festive again, this has been one of those weeks that has managed to squash my Christmas jolliness somewhat. thank you for helping to restore it!

  6. Love all that greenery - the scent must have been wonderful!

  7. Belle ambiance pour cette fête si précieuse à la famille! Salut de Nice. Mina de Sclos

  8. Thanks for the Dorothy Whipple reference - I have not read any so shall try one. I loved A God in Ruins though. Hats were much appreciated. Photo to follow - Ula is feeding so often at the moment that my grand daughter has no time to take photographs!!

    1. Hope your granddaughter isn't too exhausted. Having a tiny is no easy task!
      The first Dorothy Whipple I read - Someone at a Distance - is a good introduction I think.
      She draws characters very well and you get into things immediately. Some similarities to Kate Atkinson in that the characters are very believable.


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