Monday, November 23, 2015

The sere and yellow leaf....and a winner

Almost Thanksgiving and the leaves are hanging on - well at least some of them...

Here on The High Line they are positively technicolored.

You can sort of see 21st Street through the railing.

Rather brown on the ground on 22nd Street.

Rose hips at Union Square

and my best leaf of the week - also at Union Square.

The latest gleanings from the roof. The things that look like wallflowers are flowers from the herb tarragon -which I foolishly planted and no one ever used - everything very fall color-like.

Last photo is of the dog looking quite fall-colorlike too.

And the lucky winner of the NOVICA    $50 gift code, chosen at random from the commenters, is Donna Baker of I'm sure Donna will be able to find herself or a friend a lovely handcrafted treat. 



  1. Biggie is bigger...Buster looks very much the same, Yellow gold - such a pleasing color right now. Last of the foliage, the wind has taken most of it. getting tucked in.

  2. The first photo is lovely !
    Here in the valley and foothills where I live we do not have the right trees.
    Up in the mountains they do.
    You have the best little vases and cups to your flowers in.
    I love the purple glass one you used in your last post.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Elizabeth, I was going to comment how pretty it all looked, I wished I had some of those rose hips and how cute the dogs were, then saw my name. Yippee! I looked at the website and was so impressed. Have never heard of it before. Thank you so. Donna

  4. I love how you've found so much autumn atmosphere in the middle of the city! Really pretty. I particularly liked the brown leaves on the yellow ground.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you all too Elizabeth. Spare a little room in your tum for Christmas food to come.

  6. Elizabeth, you've really caught the feeling of this time of the year in NYC. Wonderful warm and burnished colors. And, of course, any photograph of charming Buster gets my attention.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. xo

    1. Happy Thanksgiving, Frances!
      Are you going to the parade tomorrow?
      Buster says he is thankful to have lots of friends - including you!

  7. Hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving Elizabeth. Pretty much the same with the leaves here (your top pic gorgeous) but high winds today are doing a lot to change that.

  8. So autumnal. Autumn is a favourite season, for me. I am just back from holiday, and hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  9. Hi Elizabeth, I love your autumn in NYC the colours! But thank goodness I arrived in S'land in time for some gorgeous autumn colours as well. I was going to say Buster looks quite autumn-y too! Stay warm! x


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