Sunday, April 12, 2015

Urban and a UNICEFmarket Giveaway

Now that the weather is somewhat improved it's possible to get out and about more.

Lots of construction and destruction going on everywhere. Here up by Fifth Avenue where the turquoise wall looks rather like an abstract painting.

Blue skies above 11th Avenue.

More sunshine yesterday on 13th Street.

On 15th Street pretty yellow, red and blue netting near Chelsea Market.

On 9th Avenue a quintessentially New York melange - the Seminary Building, a cyclist a fire truck and a man in a turban. 

In Soho the sort of interior space one lusts after but is unlikely to be able to afford.

Back home two of the rather battered pansies from the tree pits outside

and a charming abstract accidental painting - a byproduct of Robert's real painting of Robert Moses Beach.

And now to the giveaway. For some years I've been supporting the artisans at Novica. Novica in conjunction with the new UNICEFmarket has lots of lovely things made in far-flung corners of the globe - I particularly like their silk scarves and Thai paper products.

 This paper has charming little plant parts in it.
The UNICEFmarket is a super resource for finding unusual gifts. I have a $50 gift code to send to a lucky reader who comments on my blog - so write soon and I'll pick someone at random and let you know by next weekend. I'll pick some in the US because UK readers might end up having to pay import duty whereas US ones don't!


  1. a beautiful blog post, and a rather fabulous giveaway. Sorry I can't be considered for it, but one of your lucky readers is in for such a treat. :o)

  2. I really like the turquoise wall and you are right , My first thought was , oh dear, the traffic is covering up this magnificent art. hahaha. The paper is delightful, I just ordered price tags that are made of recycled paper with seeds in them so they can be planted, ETSY is dangerous, particularly if one is trying to not gather possessions, however, planting a tag seems acceptable. Wags and a scritchy under the chin for too, if you want one...Hoping the grand babes are doing well!

  3. I adore Robert's accidental painting! And like you I rather lust after that quite unaffordable apartment.

  4. Oh My Goodness. I really enjoy your travels around New York.
    Every time I am in any city I lust after the older ornate buildings with space for a living working studio.
    The excitement of the city. But I would have to have some outdoors space for a garden.
    I am quite picky... hahahahahahahahaha
    It must feel so good to be able to walk around with out the snow, ice and rain.
    Plus Buster doesn't have to wear his booties anymore.

    cheers, parsnip

    cheers, parsnip

  5. What an interesting mix of pictures! Love the pansies one. Thanks for the giveaway, too!

  6. I love seeing the snippets of life in the city. Little vignettes that together make a big city.

  7. Interesting pictures! So much to soak in. The city is such a tapestry of humanity.

  8. Their wrapping paper is gorgeous. I don't know if I'd be willing to spend that kind of money on it, but...they do have tons of other wonderful products to buy instead!

  9. You always see such beauty in the everyday - I love the colorful netting on the Chesea Market building, and of course I too, would lust over that light-filled space in Soho. But I think my favorite is the "accidental" abstract! It's lovely.

  10. Love both of your blogs. Thank you for sharing! I am in California!

  11. Glad to have found your blog as my daughter lives in Brooklyn so I visit NYC twice a year. Also, like you I grew up in the UK, so I want to go to Tea and Sympathy on my next visit. Now I live in California, but will be off to Cornwall in May - just in time for bluebelss and hopefully some primroses too.

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  13. Oooh Elizabeth, so many wonderful things to see here! Indoors and out.

    That open loft space is rather amazing, isn't it?

    I like Robert's accidental painting very much.

    Hoping to see you soon. I think that I can now think about leaving my down-filled coat in the closet and just go with a cardigan.


  14. That netting one is my favourite Elizabeth, but they're all fabulous as ever!

  15. Just read your comment about coming to England which is very exciting. If you happen to be passing (not likely I realise, but....) do pop in for tea and a walk! x

    1. Dear Em
      What a super kind invitation. How I would love to walk on Dartmoor - but think the furthest west I will be will be Wiltshire. If I ever get to the west country I'd love to see you and the dogs!x

  16. I never heard of the UNICEF Market and I would love an opportunity to get something from there

  17. Wow. I really like all of these prints. And it's all for a good cause...awesome


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