Friday, September 12, 2014

Splendid Skies

Such a wonderful time of year for sky watching

particularly at dusk. On Monday everyone was snapping away madly

on their cell phones and cameras.

I'm surprised no one was run over snapping the sky.

The clouds seemed to boil and bubble.

Later in the evening the 'super moon' played hide and seek in the clouds.

Yesterday evening a blue shaft of light rose from the World Trade Center

and the Empire State Building was red white and blue.


  1. Elizabeth = your sky photographs are stunning. Take a few more and you will have enough to publish your own calendar.

  2. Elizabeth, I'm so glad to see these NYC sky views captured by your excellent photography. Yes, those were wonderful views overhead...and with those tall buildings stretching towards the sky, we really do need to look up, up, up.

    Lovely to see you this week. The tomatoes and peaches I bought at the farmers market are really good. Great to capture some 2014 summer harvest as the cooler air drifts in overnight, every night.


  3. Oh My Goodness what wonderful photos.
    Each one was better than the last.
    The last two were sad and beautiful at the same time.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. It's wonderful when so many others around us also notice the beauty and snap away with whatever snapping mechanism they have to hand! I was drawn to your post by the world "splendid" - such a splendid word! Not one I think of often, and I am going to try to use it more.

  5. Wonderful pictures Elizabeth. We are hoping to come over again to visit next year. Cant wait to see that wonderful city again!

  6. Just beautiful. I love the image of people risking their lives snapping on their phones! x


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