Thursday, June 6, 2013

Vienna....for a Beginnner...

What did I come to Vienna for? Well, all sorts of reasons.

First to see the Linda McCartney photo exhibition at KunsthausWein that my daughter organized. A really super show and well worth seeing if you can. Linda's first museum retrospective with 178 pieces on show.

And next, of course, to discover all the glorious places that have been making my mouth water on Merisi's blog for so many years.....

Actually Kleines was a Claudia find...

Note the newspapers on their sticks so you don't mess up the pages or vanish with them. We had a glass of wine then headed on to...

the Cafe Central where we had asparagus soup. (Right in the middle of the asparagus season right now!)

Merisi introduced me to Trzesniewski's Buffet. Imagine an entire shop devoted to open-faced egg salad sandwiches! Either you would think you  had arrived in heaven (me)....

or not heaven if egg salad isn't your thing.

I was pretty impressed and ate one with liver in it.

A glass of white wine never comes amiss.

I'm very jet lagged and stupid, but wallowing in all the new sights and a language that is most unfamiliar. Here the little chimney sweeper catches the light.


  1. Way back in the day, I spent three weeks in Vienna and failed to find anything was winter, I was broke, I do not have pleasant memories. Thanks for changing my imprint a little! and congrats to your daughter for being genius! I hope that you put on of those liver sandwiches in your pocket to take home to a lonely pooch...

  2. Elizabeth, best wishes to you and Bravo to Claudia!

    Now I'm already looking forward to more photos. Those open-face egg sandwiches look rather delicious to me.

    The exhibit must be quite wonderful.

    Looks as if the weather's got some sun in it, too.


  3. Whenever I see photos by Linda McCartney or Anne Leibovitz, the same question arises … which causes the stir … the photo subjects or the photographer?

  4. Hallo Elizabeth,

    I'm fllowing your blog for a while. I'll go to New York in summer, so I hope to find some special places of "your New York". So I was really amused reading your post today. I am happy that you enjoyed your stay here in Vienna. And Merisi is a great guide. I also love her blog. I will visit the exhibition at Kunsthaus for sure.

    Lots of love
    Ursula from Vienna

  5. Oh, another private tour of Vienna :) Can't wait!

  6. Those egg salad thingies look wonderful - never thought of mixing egg with thingd like that - I shall now try it for the farmer's sandwiches on his Sunday walk.

  7. Elizabeth,
    next time you'll have to try the "egg on egg" sandwich, that's a classic (like the other 18, since 1902, believe it or not).

    And yes, the exhibition is beyond wonderful, one of the best photo collections I have ever seen! Claudia is incredibly hard working and talented.

  8. @ Bill Starkus:
    Regarding Linda Eastman Mc Cartney all you need to do is go and see the exhibition. Her subjects may be famous, but that is really not the point of it all in her work. You don't need to know who is in the picture.

    Her work is what makes her the great artist.

  9. I studied Architecture in the early 1980's and our field trip was to Vienna. I had a fantastic time there and fell in love with Otto Wagner's work, particularly his central post office....worth checking out. I was particularly obsessed with the detailing of the heating system and reproduced it endlessly in my designs!

  10. Oh, this takes me back... LOVE Vienna! Those sandwiches and wine are calling me back! ;o) WONDERFUL exhibit your daughter has worked on. Linda McCartney was a great photographer--especially with her portraits/family portraits. Happy Days in Vienna, Elizabeth ((HUGS))

  11. I spent most of my childhood holidays in Vienna as my mom hails from there. The food is so delicious and the Gelato icecream. Next time you should go a bit out of Vienna to a Heurigen where you can sample delicious smoked meats and sit out in a beer garden in the lovely countryside near Kahlenberg etc.

  12. Wow! What an amazing place to get to visit. How cool about your daughter, you must be so excited!

  13. Jealous - I need an injection of Europe mainland right now - the architecture, the food, the language, the smells...must be fabulous to be there and for such a wonderful exhibition. Bravo to your daughter - hope you and Robert go waltzing. BTW, I want to go to Kleines!

  14. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time ! And oh those egg salad sandwiches !!

  15. I Googled photos by Linda Eastman Mc Cartney, her style is blunt, rather in you face. Of course many of her subjects love having their photos taken so the readiness is natural for them.

    I've seen the equal of her work from first year photo students. Fame opens doors and some Famous person quips that her photos are good and she instantly is working. Quite naturally gallery shows follows with even more praise ...despite thr fact her photos are snapshots, or maybe because of it, fame keeps acoming.


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