Saturday, June 8, 2013

20th Century Buildings/Vienna

So much to see, so many photos taken. Luckily this is a personal blog not an architectural history or a guide book or anything where things have to be organized. Herewith some 20th Century things.

In the lobby of the Post Building which is a splendid unity. (You can read about it here). 

Such glitter and metal and glass

and even the table and chairs are perfection.

I like different typefaces a lot - so evocative of  their periods.

Here a maiden calls from the rooftops

and roses and wisteria grow up the flowered building.

Ah jugendstil! (check spelling)

Even the street numbers have charm.

On the other side of the road from the Palais Ephrussi (which we had to inspect since The Hare with Amber Eyes is such a stunning book) was an unexpected treasure, Bank Austria, just as wonderful as the Post Building and equally splendid.

What attention to detail, to light fixtures and windows

and wood work.

Caryatids seem very popular here. There are thirteen on the side of the Palais Ephrussi that faces the bank.

Last, and oddly charming, a manhole cover in the road quite near the French Consulate. 


  1. Well Elizabeth, I am completely entranced by your Viennese views. What beauty can be found in all sorts of unexpected places in that fine city!

    I am already looking forward to seeing lots more photos when you get back to New York. You will come back, won't you?!!


  2. Thanks for taking me back to the Post Office! I'd forgotten his name was written up like that too. It makes me want to return. Wagner's Kaiserbad Dam and its fabulous Control building are worth a visit if you haven't already....

  3. What I like about you and your camera Elizabeth is that you always go for the unusual.

  4. You're right, "Even the street numbers have charm right". Wonderful photos.

  5. THanks for sharing Elizabeth!! I always adore your way of seeing things and thanks for taking me to Vienna with you too!
    Thinking of you!! Will you be drinking coffee with Merisi?


  6. Amazing photos, you are so talented Elizabeth.

  7. Wonderful mix of themes and architecture. Everything seems so clean!

  8. Oh, this has me missing Vienna! This take me back... LOVE seeing your images, Elizabeth--some great shots here! Happy Days ((HUGS))


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