Thursday, October 18, 2012

London Snapshots/Soho

Quite a lot of London in one picture --the rain, the phone booth, the motor scooters....

Cheery flowers in Berwick Street market

cascading outside a pub

in jam jars outside Liberty's

where the flowers are always exquisite.

Liberty's is always quite stunning inside....

and out --late 19th century faux Tudor

echoed in Soho Square.

Snacks at Patisserie Valerie

and doors and windows

again in Soho Square.


  1. I am loving these photos, I was born and grew up in London - feel a tad homesick - think I need a visit.
    My sister in law worked in textiles for Liberty's

  2. I really miss London - thanks for making me a little homesick too. The door and windows actually made me have a lump in my throat - reminds me of when I used to work in Motcomb St, just off Belgrave Sq. Hope you are having a lovely time.x

  3. Oh Elizabeth, thank you so much for all these photos...almost, almost as good as being there!


  4. Loved the photo tour! All the pics just made me smile. Soho-Manhattan, Soho-London. I'm always amused at how many U.S. places have the same names as those in England, Scotland, Ireland. You'd think those pilgrims and explorers would have a little better imagination when it came to naming places.

  5. i thought you must be out of town, no instagrams!

    london looks lovely, even in the rain. have fun!

  6. This is what I miss living in the desert the lush greenery over flowing from planters and outdoor displays of cut flowers.
    It all feels so green and fresh. I can just feel the air.
    Lovely !

    cheers, parsnip

  7. Wait a minute - did you drive there to deliver a painting too? No photos of the trip? (probably just a lot of fish)

  8. Here I am thinking I will be seeing New York then I see you have quickly posted on England.

    Singing in the rain is very apt just now! Hope you are enjoying yourself Elizabeth.

  9. Enjoyed the ramble and sights. Thanks for taking us along.

  10. I adore doors and windows, and I don't know which I like more, the red phone boxes or the umbrellas. Cute.

  11. Been forever since I was in London! These shots are fantastic!

  12. Does this mean you are here in London? if so and you fancy l coffee email

  13. These pictures make me want to hop a jet right now and head over to London. So if you hear me calling your name...don't be surprised!

  14. I love Tudors
    and phone boxes

    I miss London
    used to visit there once a year at least

  15. I can almost smell London! thanks for your great shots! Oh Liberty House I love that place!

  16. Seeing your gorgeous pictures is
    always a fantastic pleasure to me.
    Thanks for sharing so many beauty, Elizabeth.


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