Wednesday, August 8, 2012

More Scaffolding

You probably are not allowed into the Barnes and Noble Cafe at Union Square unless you are wired some way or other. Lo and behold, just like at home they are building scaffolding outside. (You can just see the orange pail.)

I find the whole thing knee-wobblingly alarming. He is holding the metal bit way over his head...... 

It's quite hard to force down my cheese cake while all this is going on. See the little white tents of the Union Square Market Stalls down below.

What would happen if he tripped over his pant legs?

Not a soothing career choice.....

though the views might be good.

The same scene from outside. 

Now veggie juice entrepreneur might be a much better bet......


  1. Takes a special kind of person to do this kind of work. Yikes.

    I love your B&N cafe photo...all the lap tops look funny.

  2. The veggie juice entrepreneur might be a better choice just as long as his stand is not under the scaffolding, things might drop !

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Talk about being in the right place at the right time Elizabeth, these are sensational photos of a man at work doing his thing. (The pant legs were the most worrying thing for me!)

  4. All those people in Barnes and Nobel seem oblivious to what is going on outside especially the woman reading her book.

  5. Elizabeth, your post has perfectly captured the drama that was going on just beyond those large windows that kept the coffee drinkers/wired folks absorbed in their own world.

    Even as I admire your photos and reporting, I admit that I am glad that my back was to those windows

    For now I will refrain from making any loud political comments about a society that allows two men to risk their lives on fragile scaffolding just outside of a still-prospering book store that also houses a still-prospering big name coffee company cafe. However, cannot keep totally quiet.

    Did those scaffolding builders have employer-funded insurance? Are they paid a good wage, do they have families that depend upon their heroics?

    Yes, no one else sitting at those cafe tables around us seemed to bat and eye.

    Dear friend, it was all the same lovely to see you, and yes, some of those green market veg did make for a delish supper tonight.


  6. I used to enjoy my time reading in Barns and Noble. The guy outside the window was a little weird. What a great day you have

  7. B&N knew how to get people to come in and stay when they put in coffee shops. But do all those people buy anything but snacks? Ebooks must be killing them. As for the scaffolding guys--amazing show of skill.

  8. Love this post - I can sense your anxiety ... and no, this is a very special job choice ... but if heights are not a problem; it probably seems quite normal.
    Love the lines in the photographs.

  9. EEEEEKKK!!!! NO! I would be compelled to leap. That is how heights affect me. Just looking at you photos made me want to leap. Thank you for the juice bar grounding. Whew!

  10. I agree. Not my idea of a career choice. But to each his own. He would most likely shudder at the thought of teaching writing to 4th graders.

  11. Orange pail, aka Homer bucket.


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