Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Blue Shirts and Other Attire

Penn Station early in the morning. Everyone rushing about. I see three blue shirts at least.

Two here. Blue is an excellent uniform color --think French workmen's smocks and the Navy everywhere.

I think this chap this morning on 23rd Street was trying to color co-ordinate with the dumpster and the scaffolding. 

Henry yesterday in ideal small person attire.

This woman caught my attention the other day. I think I liked her bandana and bold bag.

Photo from this morning of a woman I have noticed quite often before. She is always very clean and neat, but everything she possesses is speckled with white paint.

The character on the left is quite the dandy with one baggy pant leg and one snug. I always remember our friend Billy saying he would much rather be a blendy than a trendy. I rather agree with him. Maybe time to buy a blue shirt?


  1. I used to be a trendy and as I've got older I have noticed I am now very much a blendy! I would like to know the story behind the paint splattered lady...

  2. ack !
    I know you have posted photos of Henry before but just looking at this photo of him, it dawned on me he has grown so much.
    So sweet !

    I love the color blue. Maybe it is time to buy a blue shirt.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. -----BLACK & WHITE-------

  4. I like how the use of laptops has caused the guys to give up and carry bags, although they carry them across their body so they won't look like handbags. And yes, it would be interesting to know the story behind the speckled lady.

    Henry is SO handsome with those curls. Hope he doesn't decided to shave them down to the skin and lose his cuddly appearance.

  5. It depends where you live. The gaudy outfits would 'blend in' on Hollywood Blvd.
    Hmmm, I think I'll check it out--what's the color of the season right now? Pink?

  6. Blue is my favorite color!
    I like your pictures!

  7. love the woman speckled with white paint - face, neck + hands too?

  8. henry has grown!!

    trendy is a bit much at times although it does make one feel free

    great shots
    the guy in the top shot looks like a robot

  9. I love this color. Can wear it any time and with every color. By the way nice pics.

  10. To blend or not to blend... that is the question - I think the speckled lady is trying to blend in with the sidewalk...

  11. LOVE the blues, and young Henry's curls (reminds me of my nephew at that age.) And I'm completely fascinated by the woman speckled in white paint. I think it must be her choice of artistic expression...


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