Sunday, October 2, 2011

Friday Beside the Hudson

The last day in September. Clear and bright. A playground outside Poets House.

The pool in Battery Park City reflects the high clouds.

The turquoise building being refurbished beside the Westside Highway looks thrillingly 
bright, but won't be that color for long.

The Hudson is wide and dull and has New Jersey on the far side. The young man on his wave board was peaceful amidst the  bobbing bits of debris.  I said that the water looked warm and tempting enough to swim in -- that I knew people who had survived it as part of a triathalon. My companion was not convinced.

Scraping something off a pleasure boat.

Engaging in morally improving exercise.


After walking for at least forty minutes, we came upon an outpost of the New York Food Festival where we were urged to sample free coffee and wine and free magazines. The parmesan was so wonderful I wanted to buy some, but it had only been set out to go with the wine.

Descending from High Line we discovered a yellow grid thing on the window of the great glass elevator.  I can't tell whether it makes 23rd Street look better or worse.


  1. Elizabeth, this post has got me laughing, and I had better stop before that nasty cough emerges.

    Isn't it great to remind ourselves that we do live on an island? An island with lots more potential, and opportunity than many islands in this world of ours.

    So glad the Yankees won yesterday, but today (Sunday) is another story altogether.


  2. Smashing yellow shot!!!

    boat scraping and stand-up paddle board? Looks like HERE!

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral

    / )

    > < } } ( ° >

  3. Very nice photos! Here is still sunshine and relatively warm weather too.
    Have a nice day!

  4. If I am not wrong, this is a DONZI boat on the third picture! I love their line:)

  5. So, even though it's supposedly clean, people really do get Hudson wet? Impressive.

  6. Love the pictures, can't wait to go back to NYC, so much I haven't seen, especially Central Park. But then I come home and realize, I'm pretty lucky too, love Southern Cal. Beautiful day here today.

  7. I love your NY photographs you have a really good eye. I love the colour of the plant in the pool.

  8. Yes, it was the 'island-ness' that struck me! Loved the food festival shot, and the wandering.

  9. I feel like I just walked N Y with you. Thanks ...

  10. oh, oh, i miss nyc, desperately. thank you for these glimpses!


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