Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mirrors and Yellow Shirts

ABC Carpet is a positive gloryhole of almost antiques, ethnic items, jewels -- mirrors with the silvering coming off -- in fact everything you dream of in a Haversham-ish sort of way. 
One would need all sorts of  Victorian cabin trunks and other sorts of luggage to
cart it all away to one's mythical mansion.

This mirror is outside the changing rooms in the new Anthropologie
in Chelsea Market. Sort of monochrome shabby-chic elegance.

Yellow seems to be the color of the moment. It matches the taxis.
Here a character in Chelsea barber checks his messages before the shop opens.

Yellow shoes too! Coffee and carbs on the corner of 23rd Street and 9th Avenue.


  1. I could have blast in there for hours. Great photos.

  2. Oh, the china and the mirrors and the other shiny stuff...and there you are behind that big loving cup. I guess it would be too much to expect them to allow long-tailed dog in there. ;)

    Cool yellow shoes, too.

  3. Fun to shop!
    something in the air about yellow now- seems to be the yearned for colour- I am drawn to bright harvest gold all of a sudden- thinking to do the cuchions- as soon as I get the house in some order...on going- 23 years of sorting and shifting...It's cool here- wearing a sweat shirt and long pants- nice!

  4. Thank you for letting me peek with you into the crevices of NY. It's nice to see ABC!!
    And also seeing who you spied in yellow!
    You're so good Elizabeth!


  5. I love the mirror on the second picture

  6. I once got hit in the forehead by the giant brass doorknobs of ABC Carpet's giant doors. The staff were very kind and gave me tissues to absorb the blood. I did not sue them, instead I bought a 200 dollar shower curtain.
    It is beautiful and hangs to this day in my bathroom. Sadly, I could not then or now afford a 200 dollar shower curtain. I suspect I had a mild concussion.
    Your blog is beautiful, your photography sublime. I shall be back to read your older posts.
    X David, NYC

  7. Certinly bright and cheerful. Glad yourlittle city garden is surviving the heat Elizabeth.

  8. i have heard about ABC carpet

    all the way down
    in Florida!



    {{ i would happily
    follow you around
    any day
    of the week

    in Y }}


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