Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chelsea Angles

New York is such a vertical city that much of my time is spent looking either upwards or downwards.
Here a nice dramatic, stormy sky over the High Line.

Here looking down on 14th Street from the new Standard Hotel
 -- a mecca for hipsters. Definitely not recommended for those
  put off by large doses of snarky attitude.

Joe Pie weed, that usually loves growing in swamps, seems pretty cheerful on the elevated tracks.

Reya often takes pictures of reflections in cars. It works best when the cars are super clean. Here is 24th Street looking askew.

This blog is all about New York, but I sometimes long for England. My list of wonderful English bloggers is long, but when I want to relish English design/illustration at its best I go to Valerie Greeley's Acornmoon. She has kindly mentioned me in a recent post.
You can see how her world is so very different from mine. This is the joy of blogging, I think, that we can have glimpses into other people's worlds. Some thumb nails of her world below.


  1. I always admire your pictures of the city, you are chosing always such an unsusual perspective. Regards!

  2. Joe Pie weed could be the best plant name I've ever heard!

  3. The best part of traveling is returning home even if it is through others' eyes and art. I've missed checking in on NYC, England and other places. So glad to be home.

  4. I love the 'angle' pics especially the first and last ones. Thanks for sharing them.

  5. I just noticed you have your next "Jane" book available. Congrats! And the sky with darks and lights over the skyscrapers IS dramatic. Looks like the Joe Pie Weed has attitude like the hipsters.

  6. snarky- makes me laugh- I wonder if snarky is a gift from birth or cultivated over a lifetime...That little hedgehog looks pleased- no snarky-ness there! Joe pie weed -going to the fair?

  7. The first cloud picture is amazing I really like the perspective.
    I had to look up why Joe Pie Weed is named that and found out it was named after Joe Pye an Indian healer who used that plant.

    cheers, parsnip

  8. Hi, Dear-

    the first photo is georgous- I love it, looking up to the clouds- and between those big houses- the view is amazing...

    I like it, how you recognize the different, little things in the world!

    It´s wonderful, too, that you love your English roots. I like the English style, too.

    Enjoy your day-
    Hugs, Ines

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