Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bellport Pond

The deck sits above a slow moving creek that more resembles a pond.

A very quiet spot where the sky is reflected in the water.
There are lots of ducks who like eating cracked corn.

A good place to sit and contemplate..........anything............

The creek is very shallow and one can see the ducks under the water doing very fancy duck dives.

Not the house where we were staying but a very handsome house anyway.............


  1. how did I do that?!

  2. again, I would love to be there..there's such serenity just looking at the pictures..I'd like to sit on the boat cruise and even have the picnic..minus the kids and rabbits of course haha

  3. A very handsome house, I agree. There's something about being around water, like ponds, the ocean, even a pool that is so relaxing.

  4. Yes, Elizabeth, this post sends serenity across the wavelengths.

    Have a grand time and hope that those biting bugs will leave you alone.


  5. Looks so peaceful. Love the ducks :-).

  6. Yes, it loods so peaceful! Beautiful pictures! Have a pleasant weekend!

  7. The water photos are very peaceful...


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