Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Men at Work and Weather Watching

I'm afraid I have become rather neglectful of this blog since I'm really having more fun with Instagram -where I'm Biffwix (my childhood nickname).
Anyway, I'm still taking photos while wandering round the city.

Here a young man is being instructed in the tricky art of poster hanging. An elegant process - best done very swiftly like watercolor painting. Looks easy but it isn't!

Delivering scaffolding near the car wash seen below.

Quintessentially New York colors - harsh and bright.

Gosh, what a lot of building round here. This near the new 7 line subway stop at Hudson Yards taken on a very brisk, cold day.

Here the police chatting and drinking coffee on Penn Station. There are always lots of policemen there and soldiers (of both sexes) and also State Troopers with their strange hats. I asked my husband if there are women State Troopers and he said there were though I have never seen one.

Ah! Spring in the city. Here blossoms on our roof...

storm clouds at Jamaica Station

and looking west from our apartment.

Pigeons in the almost budding trees in Penn South...

And, yesterday, real leaves unfolding on the climbing hydrangea at the mysterious house on 21st Street that I dream of living in one day.


  1. Elizabeth, these are wonderful photographs that really do reveal what it is like about New York just now. Visitors who may be visiting hereabouts be assured that this is for real!

    Yes, so much construction, so many cranes. I tried to avoid them on our recent windy days. Is that car wash where the gas station that Putin helped open used to be?

    Lots of police around various stations.

    Lots of very dramatic clouds overhead. I do love to look up and be dazzled. Then I am bedazzled!

    Perhaps we have actually now experienced out last frosty hours until next autumn.

    See you soon. xo

  2. What a lovely walk.
    So much going on and much to see. Plus all the colors.
    Love the tiny car wash.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Yay! For spring. You caught it in all its ragged glory with your superb photos. Love the bright colors and candid details.

  4. You certainly took us on a great stroll, stunning photos.

  5. Love your little tastes of NYC Elizabeth.

  6. Lots to look at, lots happening, real life! love your walk-a-bouts Elizabeth!

  7. Who lives in the mystery house?? Or is it vacant?
    Hurray for real leaves and real flowering branches!

  8. A Very Happy Mother's Day!

    Gorgeous photos as always!

  9. Your gorgeous photographs make me fall in love with New York City all over again!

    Instagram: So many blogger have gone off to greener pastures (or so they say) at Instagram.
    I'd love to know what pulled you in. I signed up, but I am afraid of spending more time with yet another social site.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments! Yes, New York is very exciting and lovely right now.
      I do like Instagram because it is like sending postcards to your friends and family.
      Blogging is more artful and thoughtful. I'm afraid I'm doing more Instagramming. I do not seek a huge audience - prefer to keep it smaller so I actually know the people whose photos I see. So do not put in many hash tags. Warmest greetings from a rather chilly New York.


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