Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Signs of Spring!

The windowsill with the best light and lovely miniature daffodils.

Bright clear sunshine on the closed up astrology shop. Did they forsee this?

The model boat pond in Central Park with a snack bar where Frances and I had lunch yesterday  - and were able to eat outside for the first time this year.

A refurbished gazebo by the lake.

It's St Patrick's Day very soon - the artist Berch decorates the windows of lots of local diners. Here The Malibu Diner - a great favorite of my sister in law.

Easter is early this year. Not sure if Berch's bunny is grumpy or sleepy.

This one is bit more lively. (At the Rail Line Diner) 


  1. I think you've got enough for a book for the wonderful views from the apartment window, terrific .... Like that closed astrology shop, too !

  2. So you have to come in to visit and sample the views again in person!

  3. Oh, Thank You so much for the photo walk.
    I just read Frances blog about her walk, with you on the same day.
    Lovely !

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Elizabeth, there is nothing quite like these first warm, sunny days of spring! Great to share them with friends, too.

    I love that first photo of large yellow daffs overlooking tiny walker on the sidewalk below.


  5. Yellow and green, sure signs of spring, popping up everywhere, from the flowers on your sunny windowsill to Berch's bunnies. I love the perspective of the first photo with the tiny little human down there on the sidewalk.

  6. I just stumbled on your blog. Love your pictures! What camera are you using?

  7. Spring is coming here too, but very slowly


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