Tuesday, May 5, 2015

More Union Square

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This is the best flower picture I've taken for ages.

The poppies are super stunning.

I've yet to buy any to take home. Would they last in water?

I haven't the least idea what this is but it looks good for you...

as are all sorts of green things.
What is this?

The weather is stunningly warm suddenly. 80F yesterday. Almost no spring at all.


  1. Stunning tulips, the colours are beautiful.

  2. Gorgeous flowers, Elizabeth!

    The green stuff at the bottom looks like broccoli rabe.
    In the Southern Italy region of Apulia, it is often served as a pasta dish, with the region-specific Orecchiette pasta. Here is a recipe that give an idea how to use this vegetable, which a bit bitter, like radicchio, but otherwise very tasty:
    For the orecchiette dish all you need to do is boil the orecchiette (you can substitute penne, or any other firm short pasta) until al dente and add the cooked pasta to the pan where the rabe is sautéing. Add a bit more good olive oil if the dish seems too dry. In Apulia, grated hard salted ricotta cheese is added on the plate. Grana Padana or Parmiggiano is also a very tasty addition.
    Bon apetitto! :-)

    1. Sorry for the mistakes, pushed publish to fast! :-(

    2. This sounds delicious!
      Many thanks - will try it


  3. Mersi might be right.
    When daughter belonged to a local CSA group she always brought home some wonderful greens.
    When I first looked at it I though it might be Horenso or Komatsuna Japanese vegetables ? Or Nabana ?
    Union square must be a wonderful place to visit.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Union Square is a 'foodie' paradise!
      You would love it.

  4. \you ask about role models Elizabeth.
    My son's role model I think was whichever space character was popular at the time but my role model from a very early age was Anne (with an e of course) of Green Gables - i still adore the book and one of the highlights of my travel years was to visit Prince Edward Island.

    1. How odd that I never read the Anne series! People love them so -maybe I will have to introduce them to my granddaughters - in due course!

  5. Tulips=spring (no matter what the temperature says)
    I still have some blooming in the garden . . . I can't believe the deer didn't get them . . . and several bouquets from generous weekend house-guests. Such wonderful pictures!

    1. Hoping to see you very soon - if we can snatch a moment!

  6. Every one of these photographs is splendid, Elizabeth.

    Weren't those solid globe veg rutabagas? They are, in their own way, every bit as photogenic as the tulips and poppies.

    I think Merisi is right about the broccoli rabe, and her recipe looks very promising...easy, delicious and healthy.

    The beautiful little girl in the instagram shot is beyond adorable. xo


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