Wednesday, August 6, 2014

More Black and White

I love taking pictures of people... but most people don't want their photo taken by a random person in a public place. One can hardly blame them.

So I resort to taking photos in very public places like the subway escalators...

Au Bon Pain on Penn Station.

and Penn Station itself...

For some reason black and white looks both romantic and gloomy - as in 'a rather colorless person' as against a 'colorful personality'. Anyway more and more building on 10th Avenue.

This hole in the hoarding allows you to glimpse what they're doing to the Lukoil Station that Vladimir Putin (!) opened only a few years ago - which is now being transformed into.....not sure what. Probably something artsy since it is right under the High Line.

Back to the subway with the ubiquitous cell phone - with me taking photos with mine.

Good to have a shoulder to lean on

or hands to hold.

I like this rather mysterious bicycle disappearing back into nature.


The Weaver of Grass said...

The farmer was looking over my shoulder as I looked at these Elizabeth - made him very nostalgic for our trip there.

Frances said...

Elizabeth, these photographs are brilliant. I love the way the first phtographs sets up an overview of our bustling city, and then how the melody develops a more intimate scale with all the portraits and close up views.

The diamond cut out view is a gem. Hee hee!

I am a fan of your black and white photographs. xo

Linda Sue said...

Agree with Frances, your b/w shots are so artsy and worthy of poetry. Just yummy, well done, you with the good eye! Love and a scritch behind the ear for Buster.

Paz said...

I especially love the last photo of the bike. :-)

North County Film Club said...

These are just wonderful. I, too, am a fan of your B & W. But wait...I'm also a big fan of your colorful still lifes. I don't know which I like best!!!

angryparsnip said...

Wonderful !
Your black and white photo are Brilliant.
Like Frances said the first photo set up the post.

cheers, parsnip
aroooooooorus to Buster from The Square Ones

Em Parkinson said...

Brilliant Elizabeth. I know what you mean about photographing people. I have to be very surreptitious and often go for the rear view too!

Margaret Gosden said...

Move over to the left a bit and it could be shot from my window! Love the the black and white - so crisp and refreshing!

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Such wonderful photos!! I love black and white photography. You can make the most mundane scenes look fantastic. Great captures!! : )

~ Wendy