Sunday, March 23, 2014

Jury Duty and The Grand Budapest Hotel

Hmm.... jury duty. In my teaching days I used to long to be chosen for a trial. I wanted to be peachy keen and answer all sorts of questions.

So I headed downtown

one rather chilly morning

and entered the CRIMINAL COURTS BUILDING. However, as per usual, no one was the least interested in me. Wasn't selected for anything. Sent home after two days with certificate saying I was good for six years. No mug. No sticker. No nothing.

Then we went to see Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel. Such a super movie for all sorts of reasons. Shot in Saxony near the Polish border. Reminded me of The Monopol Hotel in Breslau/Wroclaw (see below)

 where I stayed when researching Ruth & Gisela - (and where Hitler had stayed in 1937). And I was in Vienna this summer where they had all sorts of cakes as in the movie.

So - we wondered where this splendor was replicated in New York and decided to try The Plaza where I had never been before....and, lo and behold

there were all sorts of minions rushing back and forth

and rather heady cocktails.

I think I will move in to this Gothic extravaganza overlooking it all.


  1. I had always wanted to do Jury duty and was summoned a couple of years ago but we had already booked a holiday which meant deferring it. I havent been called since.

  2. every time you post photos of NYC, I think "what marvelous country is she in this time?" You photograph such wonderful lovely places and things because that is who you are and how you see the world. LOVE!
    Jury duty, I will try everything to get out of it!!!

  3. Such wondrous peeks of your city, you did it again!
    Such a feast coming here, just as I expect "The Grand Budapost Hotel" to be. Not yet, waiting to find a day where I can watch it with L. Coordination problems.

    The shot of the table (very fancy!) is grand, Elizabeth. I love your style of pictures of your witty writing.

    Hugs from Wien,

  4. Never mind Elizabeth maybe next time! Only every 6 years? Lucky you, here, one may be called up twice in one year!
    Adored all of the images - utterly drool-worthy!

  5. I love the Criminal Courts Building - it's stunning. Never been called up myself but I'd love to be.....I think! Beautiful shots of course.

  6. Elizabeth, this post was full of many topics and many beautiful photographs, to expand those topics, too.

    The experience of spending a couple of days in the Courts area of NYC is something everyone should have. Doing it as a potential juror adds a certain something. (I once did a jury duty stint in Jersey City and, believe me, it was very different.)

    Glad you liked The Grand Budapest Hotel...I did, too. It was serious amid the humor and beautiful surroundings. I even liked the long credits roll at the end.

    (I do think that The Plaza was a more elegant, special place before its Trump era. Others might differ.)


  7. What outstanding photos today. I would love to be sitting there having a drink and living in the building overlooking it all too !
    I haven't be called for Jury duty in a long time. I wouldn't mind it but it is hard for me to sit for a long time so I usually get a deferment.

    cheers, parsnip

  8. Glad to hear you enjoyed the movie; it's one I want to see. Your cocktails look inviting.

  9. Oh yes I saw that movie yesterday. Ralph Fiennes was delightful as the gigolo/concierge wasn't he? I don't think I have seen him do comedy before. What a fun romp!

  10. I like your secondary plan better. :-)

  11. lucky escape on the jury duty front - some members of the jury more aggressive than the one on trial was my experience - lots of testosterone.


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