Sunday, February 9, 2014


Little house in the country

Christian Science Church near Bridgetown

Palm tree on the beach

Stormy afternoon

more of the same

and sunset

afterglow with canons.......


The Weaver of Grass said...

Looking out of the window at the weather here today, I would rather like to be there at the moment.

Linda Sue said...

Beautiful white sand, looks a bit like snow. I would like very much to be warmed to the bone about now. Wonderful get away for you!

angryparsnip said...

So beautiful !
How lucky you got out of NY between storms.
Son and family got caught in huge "after the snow storm" in Tokyo. They traveled for 12 hours but all in well now.

cheers, parsnip

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Are you sure that's not far north Queensland Elizabeth? :) I thought I'd gone for a drive a few hours north of here!
(very pretty!)

Frances said...

Elizabeth, it's grand to see these tropical views. This Sunday evening, the snow has started up again. It seems very light, and might not even require the snow plows to prowl the streets and avenues overnight.


Paz said...

So different from NYC! :-D

Em Parkinson said...

I am SO jealous Elizabeth. So beautiful!

Barbara said...

Love the sky with the Palm trees.